Prong Collars Opening

  • Prong Collars Opening

    Posted by Ed on August 10, 2021 at 4:33 AM

    Today I saw a mod where the quick release is replaced by a screw type locking carabiner. Is that is the only way the prong collars drop?

    If so, it seems a good way to solve that problem.

    Over the years we did have the collars drop 5-6 times. Usually the dogs don’t even take notice. But, there was this one time that it seemed almost like a training scenario… a landscaper was crouched under a tree, as we approached he got up, came from behind the tree, and started walking towards us (he wanted to talk to me), he was holding something on his hand, a stick type of equipment, Val charged, she reaches the end of the 6 ft line, the collar drops without as much as a tug, and she goes for him. Luckily we had 30-40 feet in between us, so there was enough time for me to tell “hey”, and she stopped on command.

    Today I use the prong collar very rarely, but my dog walker uses it all the time. After this incident she began hooking up the backup, but that determination wore off after a while.

    So a carabiner seems like a nice idea, provided the collar will not come apart in some other way.

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