Dual puppy walking training tools – dual slip lead

  • Melissa

    July 15, 2022 at 4:33 AM

    Update on this, We did buy one, however, it keeps them quite close together & with them being 5.5 mths, they are still too full of nonsense atm and being cheeky so for now we have stopped walking them together for now unless we have 2 handlers & the corrections then look very much like the video with Loaf that Robert posted recently because when they are together, they feed off each other & what to challenge each other which is particularly bad for first 10 mins or so & especially difficult with other people/dogs since one pup (Odin) wants to speak to everyone & the other doesn’t (Anubis).

    They are miles better than they used to be and getting better all the time, when alone both do very well in with all their shapes & commands.

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