Manners with other dogs and stopping people approaching!

  • Manners with other dogs and stopping people approaching!

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  • Ellie

    June 8, 2021 at 3:01 AM

    I have a 9 month old cane corso male. Before we found Robert’s content we were following a previous trainer who emphasised socialising with other dogs a lot. Non surprisingly Kovu now seeks out excitement from other dogs on his walks often over us. We have been building his engagement with us according the Robert’s videos and they are helping. For now we have to keep a pretty good distance between him and dogs to keep him engaged and we are slowly trying to close the distance. The problem I have is dogs approaching seemingly out of nowhere. I avoid other dogs as best I can but off leash dogs often approach and their owners are far away. In this scenario I try to get Kovu to sit but he often lays down trying to initiate play and no amount of collar pops can get his attention. A specific example was earlier, an adult male dog approached Kovu and this male’s body language seemed quite stiff. As Kovu is so playful the only way I could keep him away is by pulling him back with the leash (breaking the lose leash rule). To try and salvage the situation I asked Kovu to sit and when he wouldn’t I tapped him on the back. The women then said ‘don’t do that it will make him defensive’. I’m not sure what dog she was referring to but I just removed Kovu from the situation which did involve a degree of tugging him away.

    I really don’t want any of what I’m doing in these situations make him reactive or even aggressive in the future when he is older. Right now he is still extremely puppy like when it comes to other dogs.

    How can I best deal with these situations while Kovu is still training? We don’t know any well mannered dogs for us to build up manners with. Any help would be appreciated as right now it seems every walk with him is a stressful experience.


  • Alin

    June 9, 2021 at 1:05 PM

    Hi Ellie,

    I’m far from the best person to ask for advice such as this as I am more the website guy who happens to own a German Shepherd and use Robert’s videos.

    I’m gonna add this question to Robert’s member ama videos. You can submit a question twice a week and Robert makes a video every Tueday and Thursday answering these question.

    The form can be found on the bottom of the Member Dashboard page –

    You don’t need to submit this one as I will do it for you but keep that for future use. You can also go to the AMA archive page and search a keyword terms and see with video posts show up – then you can read through the questions and see if the video will have any type of answer that will help you for now.

    Expect a direct answer from Robert in Friday’s video. Sorry I didn’t get to this notification sooner.

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