Potty training for puppy

  • Potty training for puppy

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  • Peter

    April 15, 2021 at 6:08 PM

    HHi everybody, I’ve beeb potty training my 4 months female GSD for about 1 month now. Everything seems goi g smoothly as my schedule is take her out of the crate every 4 hours and straight to the back yard (except for when i have to work in the morning then i’ll come home and let her out -that would be 5 hours). Everything was going smoothly and it seems like she got a hold of it until a couple days ago until now, she just urinate abd poop everytime she wants to in the crate then brake. Did i messed up somewhere? Your advice would be greatly appreciated…

    (Btw her crate is just enough for her to stand up and turn around )

  • Alin

    April 17, 2021 at 8:06 PM

    Is there any more details you can give us on the schedule.

    I’ll submit this question to Robert directly for the next Member Q&A. Usually these types of questions are better submitted via the AMA form on the bottom of the members page. Most member will probably not feel comfortable recommending something in this situation.
    Let’s see what Robert has to say on it.
    • Peter

      April 18, 2021 at 4:55 AM

      Hi Alin, yes, that would be wonderful. My weekday schedule usually is wake up at 7 am, take her out from the crate for 20 – 40 mins: we do a little of structure and obedient training for 5 – 10 mims then i’ll play with her for the rest of the time. Then put her back in the crate at 8 am with a small food protion and leave for work. At 1:20 pm is when i come home from lunch break and let her out again for 15 mins of training and streching. Then i put her back in the crate (around 1:40) with a little more food then drive back to work. At 6 pm is when im home and take her out for evening traing and play time. Training duration is 10 – 15 mins and play time usually last for another 35-40 mins. I let her back into the crate at 7:10 and go to the gym. 10 pm i let her out again for traing (5-10 mins) and play time (30-35 mins) then it’s her bed time around 11 pm. 2 am i let her out for potty and repeat the schedule at 6 am. There’s one thing i didn’t mentioned before was during the initial crate training phase, there was a time she whinnied and cried very loudly. I thought she was looking for attention and didn’t show up because she already peed and poop before coming back into the crate and the crate accident happens a couple of days after that.

      Thank you very much to you and Robert for taking time out and helping me with this problem. Im looking forward to his input on this.

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