Straightening up a dogs tail

  • Straightening up a dogs tail

    Posted by Ed on November 20, 2021 at 8:05 AM

    Vlad has a bent tail. We are not quite sure what happened. When he relaxes it is just a bit bent. When he curls it up then the bend emphasizes to 60 degrees or so. It is towards the end, 3 inches from the end. It is not painful at all. When his tails curls up the bend happens just where it loops back to his back.

    It could have been caught on a door, it could have been during play, it could even have been during his transportation. As a pup his tail was always ragged so I did not notice. Now at 5 months his tail fur smoothed out, and it is clear. Taking him to the vet on Wed to see if something can be done.

    Any thoughts on how to fix it?

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