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  • Cara

    March 18, 2021 at 9:56 AM

    I hope this doesn’t end up being a duplicate. My original/edited post disappeared from view so I’m trying again:

    Getting ready to purchase an e-collar for my 1yo GSD. Am halfway through the RC’s e-collar lessons and was about to purchase the Garmin, but paused and read up on the Dogstra. They both seem solid; I’m leaning more toward the Dogstra — maybe fewer bells and whistles than I need and I’m inclined toward the continuous style of the stim levels rather than the steps. BUT, RC makes a powerful point about the need for deeper contacts for dogs with thick coats/undercoats. Garmin provides that alt version; Dogstra will send washers to extend the factory issued contacts. Any Dogstra users out there who can comment on this? Will the Dogstra contacts with the added washer provide the same kind of solid connection as the factory issued longer contacts of the Garmin?

    Also, if there are D users, I know the shock-cord collar tweaks RC shares would work the same on the Dogstra as the Garmin. Has anyone using a non-Garmin taken advantage of his second tweak, that makes it so it’s the contacts alone that apply any pressure rather than the entire mechanism? I guess I’m wondering if a collar like the Dogstra is built to tolerate the collar coming between the unit and the contacts a-la that particular modification. (And as a side note, I’m thinking that the manufacturers build the collars this way so it’s less obvious that you’re using an e-collar … does that sound right?)



  • Bill

    March 18, 2021 at 10:47 AM

    Hi Cara – I have a 5.5 years old Protection GSD K9. I use the Dogtra. Currently I am using the RT Extreme model. Having tried several, it is my opinion that the Dogtra is reliable and effective. I use the “long” contact points on my GSD. You simply unscrew the contact points from the unit and screw on the longer ones. Additionally, you can find the points on Amazon or wherever. I am currently using a unique flat collar with a built-in carrier for the e-collar. I too like a more concealed holder for the ecollar and have been using this special design collar from Ray Allen. With the extended contact points – this collar scheme works very well for me.

    • Cara

      March 18, 2021 at 4:43 PM

      Thanks, Bill — I just did a wider search and indeed found links for longer contacts. It’s really odd that as far as the company itself is concerned, it’s washers or bust.

      Be well, and see you round the site.


      P.S. I just had a <doh!> moment — don’t know why I’ve been seeing an “s” in the word Dogtra. And re the coding language: I composed right here in the window so it’s not just a cut and paste issue.

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