What type of training sessions 10mo

  • What type of training sessions 10mo

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  • Sam

    April 13, 2021 at 10:59 AM


    New here.

    Buoy is a ACD/Pit/GSD mix Stuck Out Tongue Winking Eye. About 35 pounds at 10 months(not huge). She love love loves fetch, and her tug game and impulse control is something special for sure.

    I have selfish goals of her being an incredible disc dog.. obviously if she takes to it I think she would be great. We have been going very easy as she grows. I don’t even let her jump out of the car, it’s an SUV(am I crazy?).

    She is fast, it’s a site. Others have said she would be good at flyball, and after looking up what in the world this is… duh.

    Right now I put down sticks or small objects to give her a jump command, other than that we don’t do any jumping, Well up onto and off of objects sometimes. I roll frisbees, or puller rings, and a game of ball from time to time.

    My question is, how long should these sessions be? How hard should I let her run? How often should we play? I don’t want to over do it at her age, but I want to make sure she builds the right habits and has good stamina. Also what are some good warm ups that can get her stretched out before she lets loose?

    She can bow on command, sit pretty, and the basics(spin roll over ect). We usually go through some body position stuff and good game or two of tug before I chuck anything for her.

    Any advice and where we should be at her age would be much appreciated. Is it worth scheduling an x-ray in 8 months to check her growth plates?

  • Alin

    April 17, 2021 at 8:09 PM

    Sam I believe most of your answers will be within the videos in the Watch First videos on the lessons page.

    Specifically in the foundations of dog training lesson.
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