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Hi Robert & hi Janet. I live in France and in my local area, we have increased number of abandoned dogs. I volunteered to help out but shelters are bagging people to adopt the dogs as there’s no more capacity or the budget. The problem is people are hesitant to adopt dogs from animal shelter. Dog trainer with a Behaviorist certificate in France is very expensive for ordinary people. So, I wanted to ask you if you would be willing to put your course in subtitle French for the French market to learn.


I have a 3.5 year old Doberman male.  

I got him as a 4 month old puppy. Sweet mum, aggressive dad. 

This past year he has ‘snapped’ at 7 people, including very young children. No broken skin. 

Now I muzzle him when we go out, and I crate him when people come around to our house. My partner gets into his space, and has recently been bitten on the face. Small wound. 

No e-collar work’s been done. Could that make him worse?? I am small, he is STRONG. What do you suggest? Please help.

 Lauren K

Hi Robert. My female Mal is 15 months old with x-rays that show healthy joints and closed growth plates. I want to start her in Canicross, and while we do have access to dirt trails and grass, there may be times we’ll need to run on concrete. What precautions should I take to protect her joints? Is there special equipment, or should I avoid running on concrete all together? Thanks!


Hi Robert, Thank you for excellent balanced videos, they have helped us so much. Bear is reactive to dogs when out on walks when in close proximity. But not every time, on occasion he can be very gentle. Recently calmly led down next to an unknow bitch (the size of his head) he also plays nicely with friends GSD and Doberman. Reactions are polar opposites, correct me if I’m wrong but the calm interactions are with females. So could his reactivity be with males? Would Neutering help?

Lois Ann

What product do you recommend I carry while leash walking my large Goldendoodle to protect him from possible dog aggression or attack (short or long taser, short club, long walking stick, loud blasting device)? Thank you!


Hello i have a maligator 7 weeks old and a 5 year old gsd and when i play fetch with the gsd the maligator prey’s on the gsd lays low then attacks the gsd bitting the gsd does not respond cause he is engaged in the ball to go fetch iam thinking this cant be good and when we are not playing ball he still goes to bite and the gsd will swat him with his paw and give him a bite nothing crazy the maligator will submit and the gsd will smell him and groom him with his teeth as in cleaning his fur.


I have started collar conditioning my 1 yr old hound lab mix Duke. I am trying to find his levels and doing easy here and place drills using the collar. Sometimes he does not react to the collar at all- does not sniff around, seem confused, etc. I worried I was going to high on the collar but he will still just power through and do whatever he wants without reacting to the collar stimulation- especially when outside. I know he can feel it because I see his skin twitch sometimes. Am I failing? Ty

Grace P

Hi Robert & hi Janet. I live in France and in my local area, we have increased number of abandoned dogs. I volunteered to help out but shelters are bagging people to adopt the dogs as there’s no more capacity or the budget. The problem is people are hesitant to adopt dogs from animal shelter. Dog trainer with Behavioralist certificate in France is very expansive for ordinary people. So, I wanted to ask you if you would be willing to put your course in subtitle French for french market to learn.


I Robert! Is it getting harder to find a (working breed) dog with a solid basic temperament that isn’t genetically fearful/anxious/reactive these days? I’m in the Netherlands and interested in some kind of working-type, handler-focused dog for agility/obedience. But I see SO MANY behavior problems online (and in my neighborhood) that I’m losing faith in the idea of getting a relatively confident, normal, solid puppy. Am I biased, or are solid/stable dogs getting rarer?


Hey Robert, I’ll be attending a meeting next week of our county Animal Welfare Services to discuss a Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance. Obviously, such a blanket policy is controversial, and needs to be addressed for its risks and benefits. I realize the nature of controlling the pet population, but I’m not sure how this will affect dogs of responsible pet owners. I’m sure they’ll be exemptions for Breeders, competition dogs etc. Just curious as to any insights you may have. Thanks so much!!


Hey Robert! I’m going to be in Ireland for a month to do some martial arts training. For ten days my girlfriend is going to join me so we’re thinking of boarding Loki, my 2y/o mal. Was going to let my dad watch him but I don’t think he’s taking it seriously. Loki can be snappy/moody if not handled properly so my girlfriend and I may just board him at the vet even though he may be more anxious there. Any advice to acclimate him to the kennels before he goes? And is this the right move? Thank you!

Julie B

Our Belgian Mal is 17 mos and still intact. A couple of vets recommended waiting to neuter him until 18-24 mos, for joint development. WE have spent a lot of time training and conditioning, he is not aggressive but he can be a bully, he seems to be calming down through training. Recent articles we read suggests neutering a Belgian between 4 and 8 mos. Have we waited too late, should we even consider neutering at this point in time in his life?

david a

My 13 week malinois has an obsession with rocks, and has already broken a tooth. I live on a 7acre mountainside covered in rocks. She KNOWS its bad to have rocks in her mouth, and I resist chasing her, get dramatic and get her chasing me, somethings work sometimes. but I need to break her relentless quest for rocks in her mouth before her adult teeth give me a dental bill i cant afford.


Our 6 mos old Terv enjoys watching your training videos along with us. He pays especially close attention to the videos starring Goofy. Or maybe I’m just projecting. We are making great progress in all areas except nail trimming. Is it too late to train him to cooperate? He is fine w/me holding and touching his paws but when he even sees the clippers he will seriously snap at me. I know I should have started training him at 8 weeks. What should I do now? Should I muzzle him and proceed?


I have a 15 month old malinios that was always confident and obediant on walks. Recently we took an unplanned walk between an appointment avoid sitting in hot car. i went to buy water in a shop soi tied her to a post. What happened next was terrifying and im ashamed this happened but greatful it didnt end up tragic. The post was not secure. If fell over and my dog got scared and before i could grab the leash she ran off with this object on her leash terrified in traffic. Shes begun to be fearful

Rose L

Rescued a 6yr old pit tie from the shelter. Do you suggest I start with Ziggy or Max? It appears she had previous training. She already knows sit, stay, come. With the come command she actually comes running, then sits directly in front facing me.


Hi Robert, Hi Janet. FYI, I am posting the couple dogs from shelter on social media everyday to find them a family. Thanks for that! Today my question is a prong collar. I ordered HS Sprenger 4 cm. It is too hard for me to remove or add section to adjust to Tobby’s neck. I am not strong enough! Is there any other prong collars which I can manage with my hands? Grace

arian and rover

Robert, rover is my 1y1m male GSD and just within the past 2 weeks he does not want to go to doggy day care. before that he was going 4x/week for about 9 months in addition to me taking him on runs and playing and was very excited to go there 

He recently had pododermatitis of his right front paw which was treated. after the diagnosis he pulls the leash not to go to the daycare and refuses to go in. 

any thoughts? 

you are da man 

thank you 

he is healthy and does not have any behavioral issues.


Is it bad if you don’t socialize your puppy in public if you never plan to take it out in public as an adult? My family got our dogs while I was away at college and didn’t socialize them as puppies. Now that I’m back Ive trained them at home and they are amazing. We have a big property and a forest with trails nearby, so the dogs have lots to do. But I never take them out in public cuz I hardly ever go out myself. So is it a bad thing that they aren’t socialized to strangers and dogs in public?


Hi Robert, how are you making the change with reactive dogs from open areas with a long line like parks and open fields into the inside city area. How do you shorten the leash and still deliver the right messages to the dog without creating conflict. I would be happy if you expand more on this topic and about the right technique. Thanks

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