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I have a 9 week old Belgian malinois and have had him for about 4 days. We’re progressing very well in crate training, command training(sit,down) as well as potty training. I noticed two things, resource management and socialization towards other humans and dogs need major improvement. We’re progressing well on resource management with food and toys but when i take him to go potty outside, he grabs twigs and pine straw (anything he can grab) & starts chewing on it with the

occasional growl when trying to remove. What steps do you recommend on correcting this behavior when we take him outside?

Cesar A

Hi, I was wondering if you had a video or some resources on how to condition your dog to a muzzle. My Belgium Malinois – 7 months pup, has become super reactive at the Vet. During last visit, she attempted to bite the Vet Tech. she used to be fine at the Vet but our 12 year old Lab died and we used to bring them together but now she goes alone. Thanks!

Mark C

Hi Robert my now 2 year old GSD is coming on very well working with me on my own. However at dog school he will not work due to him having an inherent fear of other dogs. The school is quite big – 20 or so dogs in my class. Should I persevere or should I look for a smaller school or should I just continue with me training him on my own? As per your great lessons I am socializing him by taking him to busy shopping centers etc. Best regards Mark C

Amely W

Zico is a 6 yo working line GSD w/ 3 years protection training before I got him 3 years ago. We were training in a park. He was in a stay while I threw the ball, then released him to get it. I had just thrown it and sent him for it when an off-leash border collie ran straight for Zico and his ball. I called Zico to me in a stern voice. He ignored me, dropped his ball and went after the dog to correct him. I yelled “no” and ran to stop him. Zico pursued the collie back to his owner and then returned to my side. The border collie wasn’t hurt. Is it fair to expect him to return in this situation?

Heidi M

Hi Robert, I’ve watched many of your reactivity videos and notice in some cases you advise just to use a slip lead and not prong (Sonny) but then in others you use ecollar etc(whisky) to prevent the dog getting more worked up, I realise both of these dogs in your video are very different, but how do you determine when just to use a slip lead. I feel popping with a slip doesn’t give enough correction to snap my GSD (2yr) out of her reactivity (frustration based reactivity not aggressive), would you recommend the prong (with a safety clip onto a secondary collar), she is familiar with the prong

Marianne D

I have a 1 year old GSD and an 8 yr old Golden Retriever. The GSD runs all over the GR and at times gets too aggressive, even though I believe he is playing, it has escalated. I also notice the GSD is very jealous of the GR if he is given attention. Not sure how to handle it besides continuing to tell him no.

James C

Broken out of 2 wire & 1 plastic flight crate. Finally purchased a $1,000 Impact Crate. Struggled with crate training her & basically gave up due to this. Still barks and howls when left alone in the home for more than 1 minute. Also has some issues with fence fighting (our neighbor leaves their dog outside all day). But, otherwise is VERY obedient. Is this separation anxiety or some sort of overall barrier frustration (crate, fence, doors)? How do we correct this? Start from scratch with crate training or correct her constant demands to let her go where she wants?

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