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Today I was walking one of the shelter dogs, it was my first time meeting this dog. When I was walking him a dog off leash came up to my dog from his front yard. I didn’t know if the shelter dog was dog reactive or not so I put myself between the off leash dog and my dog, and pulled on my dogs lead pretty hard to put him behind me. I yelled at the other dog and I was able to get my dog away, but I felt bad because I had pulled my dog pretty hard and I didn’t want him to think I was correcting him when he hadn’t done anything wrong. What advice would you have for situations like this?


My almost 11 months old Malinois (got him unsocialized from a shelter at 4 months) is ignoring me outside for a couple of weeks. He is just marking territory and sniffing other dog’s pee. Usually i could get his attention with kibble, now he often even ignores high quality treats. I try to be fun for him, but that mostly ends frustrating as he ignores me. He does not have a high play drive, so he also ignores toys. How do i get his attention and how do i get him to want to work with me? Can i improve his play drive? He very shortly plays tug sometimes and chases movements (doves and joggers)


I’ve found that my almost 2 year old German Shepherd has a fairly strong prey drive. We play tug and retrieve. (She learned with help of your lotus ball advice. Thank you!) She gets a couple walks and multiple training sessions (which she loves) everyday. I’m thinking of shortening her long walk and increasing play time. Could you recommend other activities/games that would make use of her prey drive in acceptable ways? I stop her from chasing squirrels and other things but I think it would be tough to squash this genetic predisposition. Thank you again for all your invaluable advice!

Joan M

I have a 1 year old spayed GSD that I got at about 14 weeks. She is very reactive on a leash towards dogs. Have been working through with your method of corrections. The positive results are fact specific, mainly energy of the other dog and distance. I know that it is a work in progress. However, I have noticed that directing the prey drive with legitimate “games” like nose work, tracking and chasing a lore, all seem to help satisfy her drive and reduce the reactivity. Is that a real thing? If so, can you suggest more activities?


Hey Robert, I am bringing home a 1y8m female rott today named Molly. I have had pitbulls in the past and have had some success training them. I’m watching your training videos, but is there any kind of certain approach I should take to train, but while also building this companionship. I know different breeds have different temperaments and want to ensure the success of this addition to our family. I’m enjoying your training videos, they are very informative!


Hi Robert, My 8 month old puppy finds it very difficult to walk past other dogs when on the leash. As we approach dogs that are on the opposite sidewalk, she will break heel position, occasionally lunging but no barking or growling behaviours.

I believe she is excited and not aggressive as she gets on well with other dogs when off leash. I am still concerned however about reactivity developing, as in this state she does not respond to commands and therefore leash pressure is created.

Should I work at a further distance to allow her to make better choices, or continue exposure to socialize?

Alan L

Hi Robert, I’ve found your Shelter dog training course through Larry Krohn and I’ve loved it so far. I wanted to volunteer at a shelter to practice my dog handling skills to better myself for my corigs. Is there any hygienic or basic practices I should be doing before and after volunteering at a dog shelter? I’m worried about bringing kennel cough or something home that my dogs could catch as sometimes I can be oblivious/naive/unaware as to what I’m doing when first starting out.


Recently I’ve noticed other dogs (he’s known for years) being nervous or uncomfortable around my 4 year old fixed GSD. He’s not doing anything physical or misbehaving in any way around them. Could he be somehow giving off signals or scent etc that is making him Intimidating?

Carol W

I have a 3 yr old spay GSD and a 9 yr old spay corgi/border collieX. The gsd has been with the corgiX since she was 12 wks old. They have always gotten along. In the last 6 months the gsd randomly attacks the corgiX. I have noticed that most of the attacks come when the gsd is excited but the last 2 attacks don’t seem to be from excitement. It always starts when the gsd starts sniffing the neck/back of the corgiX. If I can intervene before the sniffing starts I can stop the gsd with simple leave it command. I have started separating Them & muzzle the gsd when together. I am trying to keep the two interacting safely so that the gsd continues to associate the corgiX as belonging with us. The gsd looks for and whines/cries when the corgiX is not around. The gsd is dog aggressive with other dogs. Any suggestions on the cause of these attacks and how to handle them? The gsd does have a tendency to be overwhelming when playing and when rebuffed will go into fight mode. So far, luckily, there has been no blood drawn but corgiX is/was constantly ‘looking over her shoulder’ and traumatized. Any help is appreciated.


I have a 6 month old mixed german shepherd who won’t stop urinating anytime i try to open her kennel to let her out. I’ve tried talking calmly, not talking at all, avoiding eye contact and everything I can think of but for some reason nothing works. What should i do next to avoid these accidents? I’ve seen some of your answers on this in the past and tried them but nothing seems to work.


Hi! I adopted a Malinois cross from the shelter and she is about a year old now. She is doing amazing in all aspects and is responding great to all her training. I don’t know what to do though when people or strangers come to the house. She is a good watch dog but is also insecure. She barks a lot and is trying to figure out her place. What do I tell her and how should I address her when people come? I don’t want to ruin her confidence. I would like to start her on just basic protection training maybe, as I learn more. Thank you!

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