Member Questions 9-24-21

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Hi! Question: most sites state 18-20hours for puppies to sleep. My cane corso gets about 14. How long should she be up at one time? She plays too much with our other dog and becomes very bitter with him and us. What’s a good schedule for eat/sleep/play/train. Thank you! You’re the best! I learn so much.


Hi. Just new here. I have a 7 month female GSD. I’ve been home with her since 7wks. We’ve worked well together training has been excellent sit stay wait lay down roll over. High energy we play frisbee, ball. She loves it. Lately it seems like she is ignoring me. When it’s time to come in the house she won’t. I go to get her she turns and runs. I have treats, I call her with a happy voice, not sure what’s happened? Should I have her on a longline at this age? Even though it’s in our back yard? Thank you

Albin Ouschan

Hi Robert, I know you don’t take your dogs to dog park, do you take them to dog beach off leash? Thank you.

Lisa B

My bully is 2 years old. What are good tips to help his initial excitement when going on group hikes with other friendly dogs? His play drives are high. Can I try loose leash walking to and away until his drives are more under control?

Beth W

20 Mth GSD Male Neutered. Has always been exuberant to meet people and have been working on making him more calm. We took him to a Beer garden and when people wanted to say hi, he wanted nothing to do with them. He forcefully backed up looking for an escape path. It was just after sunset and I walked him home and he was skittish the whole way. Today, he backed away from people again. I don’t want him to be overly friendly, but not actively afraid. Nothing happened to our knowledge. Any tips


She knows the “Crate” command and sleeps over the night very nice, no barking at all. The problem is as soon as she wakes up around 6:30 AM the high pitch barking begins… I’ve tried ignoring her, waking up early to reward the silence then let her out but it’s not working, I feel it is like an “I’m bored” barking… or demanding attention barking. Help please! I’d like to be able to sleep till 7 AM sometimes… Note: Her last potty brk is late at night (9:30 PM) so is not potty barking.


Hey again, Robert. Some advice on fitting a prong collar on a dog with fur? I use 2.25mm herm sprenger prong on my GSD, I fit it as you’ve shown in videos, BUT, it seems to slide down the neck of the dog when she shakes her head or over time when walking. Only way it stays up and high is if I take one link away but then I can barely(if not, sometimes) put one finger underneath collar, is that okay? I’m worried it’s too tight. I also tried moving her fur down but the issue still persists. Ty

Tim P

I do not have the privilege of desensitizing my highly reactive dog like the owner of that dog in your “Aggressive Malinois x Dutchie Training” video. Practically, in the real world, no one in his/her sane mind would risk his/her own dog to help you “desensitize” your lunging/growling/barking/teeth-showing reactive dog. So, what, in reality, I need to do? The only thing I can think of is the “rattlesnake training” by use of an e-collar. Your thoughts?


Hi Robert I took my dog for the first time along the beachfront in over a year while I was working on his reactivity. He did really well, no barking and lunging. So thanks for all the help much appreciated 👍🏻 He was pulling on the lead more but I’m sure it’s because there was so much going on around him. Should I work on doing more focus before the walk or should I change him to a sporn head halter. I’m currently using a slip lead and he usually heels well except today. He’s a Cattle dog

Christina W

Hi Robert! I’m a big fan of what you do; so thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I have a 4yr old Bandogge Mastiff that I think has the temperament to do really well in PSA. He’s confident, has extremely solid nerves, and is highly motivated to work during training.

So my question is, is he too old to start? If not, what’s the best way to go about finding a club?

Audrey W

10 mo mal. I’m 36 weeks pregnant.. Mal is growling & snapping very aggressively when he is being told no or that’s enough and he’s not listening & we then put pressure on him to make his listen he will growl & snap at us. I’m NOT okay with this behavior but I’m running out of options. This just started. I do have an e collar I can use but I don’t want him to become more aggressive with the e collar. His breeder told me to manhandle him, to me this will make him more aggressive.


My 9 month old GSD male puppy has become a bit jumpy and reactive. It was not like that earlier. Unfamiliar loud sounds make him anxious and jumpy and festival time is upon us here in India. He hears something and goes from calm & cuddly to jumping up barking hair raised and sometimes will start mouthing us hard and have to physically stop him by the leash or collar. Most other times when he just gets scared and is barking, I give zero reaction to both him and the sound. Is this a puppy thing?


Wondering what you think about dogs staring out windows?

I understand window barking can be a problem, as whatever they are barking at leaves frame of view the dog will learn “hey I did that”.

We have let our ACD mix enjoy the view, she doesn’t bark, and If she seems to be loading up at all I tell her to go lay down. We are working on her leash reactivity, can too much window watching make that better or worse? I rarely have questions these days and are doing so well, thanks to all your advice


We have a rescue dog, adopted at 6 months. He is now 11 months. We think he’s mostly black lab & pit. He came to us with no training and has made lots of progress, but he is VERY high energy, and if we leave him unsupervised for even a few minutes, he will misbehave to get attention. So we are letting him out 1-2 hrs, 4x a day for training, exercise, hanging out, etc. Is he spending too much time in his crate? If so, how do we work toward giving him more freedom without destroying the house? Ty!


My 8Mo Vizsla is a lovebug. She loves people more than anything and always wants to say hi. She tries to approach people while on leash uninvited. If she’s invited, she gets so excited she jumps up. I’ve been trying to teach her to sit down for petting ever since she was small, without success. No treat in the world can dissuade her from jumping. How can I make her understand that she’s not allowed to approach people unless they invite her and that she can’t jump on people?

Angie D

Hi Robert. My 4 year old mal is very territorial over us and our home/yard. Windows & doors are barriers that amp him up. If he sees or hears something from either, he starts barking uncontrollably, hackles up. I can manage this by putting him on his place and using a stay command. But he’s right back at it again once released. I can’t do this over and over 100 times during the day or I won’t be doing anything else. Our road is active. He thinks “yeah, I made them go away”. Any advice?

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