Member Q&A – 4/09/21

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I have a 1 year old female Anatolian Shepherd. Completed intro obedience and standard obedience class here locally, so she’s not new to training and does quite well. My question is, sometimes she goes into this mode where she will all of the sudden growl deeply then basically attack me (not biting hard) out of the blue and then just goes nuts for a while. Backing up and repeating the “attack” and will not give up. If I’m at home I can just go inside and get away from her, but at the park I don’t have that option and I’m not sure what to do when in this situation. I’ve tried ignoring her and turning my back but she will then just attack from the back. Tried to calm her down with high value treats, no luck. Even pinned her down once to give her time to calm down and it didn’t work. What can I try, especially when I have nowhere to go to get away from her.

She is typically a VERY calm girl and pretty chilled out. She only does this to me, never anyone else. This only seems to happen specifically when “Training” her and going through commands. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi Robert, I want to thank you for making dog training so much fun. My Cane corso (Gigi) 4 months can do the whole world around the world, can walk backwards, can do the hard version of light switch game, etc. She understands what no, good and ok means. I am doing the recommended 3-5, five minutes training per day (so not over training my dog). Do you think it is too early to introduce her to a choke chain or would the choke chain be better for her if she already understands the leash pressure?

Harold H

Hi Robert, we have a 5 month old Beagle puppy and all goes well due to your training tips! When going out for a walk, he takes the leash in his mouth. Is that okay? Or a behavior of dominance? He is not pulling or anything, just taking the leash in his mouth, that way it can’t do its work on corrections. Thank you, Harold (The Netherlands, Europe)


Hello Robert,I have a 10 months old German shepherd.He is currently not at my place because we are doing some renovations with the house. He will be on our ranch in a big crate ( 3*3 meters) But there is one problem.Whenever I go far from his cage , or he see horses training/lunging, he gets very stressed and start barking aggressively.It seems like whenever he’s in his cage and something is happening outside he gets nervous.When he is outside the cage he is good when on leash ,if not he will chase cats


Hi Robert, our small female shepherd mix has started showing aggression. We’ve started going to obedience class once a week to try and desensitize her to other dogs. She used to be fearful and want to run away but now is showing aggression- growls, hackles raised. It seems neutered males infuriate her. The neutered boxer in her class, she hates. Neutered male down the street, she hates it. She lives with an intact male Bernese mountain dog and a female Havanese. Could I be right with my assumption?


Hey Robert-Very sorry about your loss. My question is regarding my 1 year old Mal/GSD drive. He is becoming such a well adjusted calm dog but his drive seems to be going down. When we play tug or do obedience at the park he starts to zone out after only a few minutes. This may be because the parks near my house are now crowded with kids sports when previously there were less people. Should I move the training somewhere with less distractions? Should I just be happy that he is so calm and chill?


Hi Robert, I’ve had good success training my 7 month old Malinois with your methods and he’s making the transition from treat rewards to toys. Should I use that one particular toy only for training and then put it away or can I let him have it all the time?


Getting a Dutchie to train in personal protection/bite work. I am concerned because I see many of these dogs wearing muzzles in public. Yet other protection dogs that are not muzzled and are friendly to even children. Is there a specific way of training or specific “personality” to ask for when getting a pup to train in protection? I would prefer a protection dog that can be around others. Have a GSD whom we train with a great balanced trainer and will use with the Dutchie too. Thank you!


Hello Robert loving my membership and learning so much Thank you – My 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd is PERFECT during our training sessions BUT when relaxing inside he may find a dropped sock (or something similar) and take off with it, Ignoring my commands SO frustrating! Do you have a video I might have missed, that would help me? I’ve done the leave it command lesson and it’s perfect during training, he also does OUT. Thank you

Bhaskar B

Hi Robert, I’m sorry about your loss. Bozman was lucky to have you and Janet in his life.

My dog Sunny has started showing early signs of hip dysplasia, he’s about 2 years old now. He is not really toy motivated, except for the flirt pole. I used to play with him every evening using that, but i’m wondering if that’s a good idea going forward. What agility type exercises can I do with him without causing him further pain?


I began using the e-collar again on my dog after doing about 6 months of training before it (using a prong or slip leash), but my dog sometimes seems confused if I just press the button after he doesn’t listen to a command, but what if he truly did not hear me? Is saying a casual “nope” (instead of NO) a good word to use all the time with the e-collar and especially for when you’re without the e-collar and can give that feedback and the dog responds to it immediately? Is that the goal?


My new neighbors just did everything wrong. The father bought a 4 week old GSD puppy in a parking lot for his 14 year daughter. The daughter is very responsible and loves animals, and I have offered to help her train the pup. Is there anything we can do to help offset the issues with the pup being taken away from its mom and litter-mates so young? My dog is good with other dogs (neutral for the most part but eager to play if the other dog has good manners). Is there a way to use him to help?

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