Member Q&A – 4/13/21

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OK, team, here’s the member Q&A for today….

Dan L

When alone, I can put my 9mo GSD in stay and walk 300 ft away and she is relaxed and waits till called. Easily can stay 10-15 min. When I try in training class, she gets anxious, breaks stay and comes back to me. Tries to get between legs( which I don’t allow). We practice stays and separation daily , including at stores and parks at least once a week. What else can I do to ease separation anxiety around other dogs/people. Has been in 2x wk training since 8 weeks, friendly with dogs and people.


Hi Robert, love your page and have gotten me and my dog so far so thank you. One thing I fell down on was teaching her fetch. She’s high drive and loves tennis balls like all mals do. I’ve tried the 2 ball method you have shown but she is always dropping the first ball far away from me to come back to the second one. Any help would be great!


Hi Robert, Do you think you need different markers for different levels of rewards to preserve the value of the marker word and not dilute it? If you say yes for every reinforcement for example, could that lower the value of that marker?

Example: Yes- Food Reward

Good- Praise

Nice- Toy rewards


Hi Robert. In urban & suburban areas the dog theft skyrocketed. (Maybe due to the increased pet prices, high demand, etc). It may happen anywhere: yards, car parks, nature parks (when dogs run off the leash), even during the walks: thieves approach to pat the dog, unclip the leash & off they go. You possess martial arts skills but your subscribers often don’t; what you suggest in dog training that may reduce the risk of theft? Suggestion: what about a special episode of yours about this issue?Ta!


Hello Robert, I am doing an opinion paper on the effect of neutering dogs to solve aggression. I wanted to hear your opinion because of your immense experience in shelters. What do you think about neutering dogs when and when not to address the behavior by neutering the dog. I know that with lack of structure it is meaningless to fight behaviour with neutering.

Lisa C

When I have guests over for a bonfire in my backyard, I make my 1 year old bully lay on a blanket that is his place. Everyone is told to ignore him and I use his dinner and intermittently give rewards for staying on his place (and a kong with food) I give him breaks in the crate and on walks too. I avoid high drive play to keep him calm, he does well and didn’t jump on anyone last time. Do you have any other tips or insight ? I like to give him a little free time to walk around the house too.

Mark W

My 3yr old GSD is very good with recall EXCEPT when he catches a scent. Once he locks onto a scent in the grass/ground I lose him. How can I remedy this problem? Your vids/tips have been very helpful, and membership is well worth it. Thank you.


By Taking my dog to daycare once a week will that help with his leash reactivity or make it worse? As he is good with other dogs off lead.

Samantha F

Hello Robert, we are really excited to be a part of your membership group and looking forward to learning new and value insight and tips on how to better approach and train our dog. We wanted to ask how do we book a personal training session with you ? How much and how long will the session be?


Hi, I am listening to the live chat …was too late to participate..but you answered a question that I think answered my question about ecollar vs bark collar in the car. I feel hesitant about what brand to use and will purchase a straight bark collar unless you think the Garmin I ordered will do the job. I have read so many comments about bark collar not working or not sensing correctly…I have never used one so any advise is very welcome. Thank you for all you do . My condolences about Boz.

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