Member Q&A – 4/17/21

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Simon S

Hello Robert, you really helped me with my dog having problem with prey drive toward horses last Q and A.However he is still aggressive toward dogs and when he sees one from 250ft I can’t get him to stop focusing,I say NO and correct him really hard but it seems like he doesn’t even feel the correction and just keeps looking.Also ,when he was little my mother took him to one pretty popular trainer in my country. He was a really impulsive trainer and yanked my dog whenever he saw another dog passing by until he started crying and rolled himself like a fetus. By his method, that was a sign that the dog respects you. I think that is probably the main reason why he is so insecure and aggressive when he sees another dog. Other than dog aggression, my dog listens to me perfectly when there are no dogs around, all thanks to your videos I started watching a few months ago and recently your member subscription.

Ariel B

Hello, we are getting into dog training and want to do it as a part-time job. Do you have a recommendation on getting certified or doing apprenticeships for dog training? Once we get enough experience we will do it full-time. I like your training online and I am doing this with my 8 month old GSD now along with a local balanced training class. Many training certificates I see are positive only. But we prefer balanced training. Any advice? Thank you very much.

Cheyenne S

Neighbors dogs keep charging our dogs at our fence growling, barking, and hackles up. Ours want to engage with them and now our 4 month heeler is wanting in on the horrendous act. We put privacy slats in the fence to cut down on the visual field. Not working well at all. How do I stop my crew from engaging with the dogs charging them on the other side of our fence? Their new dog is the initiator and involves their once nice dog, he even growls at us alone in our yard.

Melinda H

I have an 11 year old Pyr Shep who has multiple titles, Championship and is well socialized and loves everybody as long as I’m with him. I took him to the vet and had to leave him overnight and he bit a tech. He absolutely freaks and becomes unmanageable. They can do anything with him if I’m there, but with Covid it makes it difficult. What can I do?


A hypothetical question.

I listened to your podcast on dogs in shelters and the stress they go through.

Not an aggressive dog but for whatever reasons the owner cannot re-home the dog. Is it more humane to put the dog down or to put the dog in a shelter/rescue? Would like to hear your opinion on this.

Thank you for everything you do.


Hi Robert, I know you say you don’t let people pet your dogs, how do you go about that? To add to that as well, do you recommend correcting a dog when it becomes excited around people? Or would that create a negative association with people and make the dog defensive and aggressive around them?


Alex C

Hello my family has two dogs, a Great Dane and a Carolina dog. We found the Carolina dog abandoned as a puppy. When she is outside with our other dog and she gets any attention she will bite on her face not really aggressively but roughly and whenever our Great Dane leaves without her she whines and throws herself at our gate. I’ve tried putting her in our dog run but she will still whine so loud I can hear her down the street. Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve these behaviors?


Right now, my 6m/o golden is great at obedience in the front yard. As soon as we go for a walk, he is no longer food motivated. I try to get obedience from him randomly during walks but he is too distracted. If I ask for a sit, he will eventually do it but won’t take a treat. I try to be animated and fun but to no avail. Is there any way to use the environment as a reward for focusing on me? So far I’ve tried stopping randomly and calling his name, as soon as he looked at me, I would praise him.

Carol H

Hi Robert. I would like to know if you have any advice or tips. My golden retriever was in a car accident in 2016. After about 3 months he was finally jumping back into the car everyday. He will jump in and sit when going out but isn’t completely comfortable. We just manage the situation as best as possible. He’s very smart/fast. Everything has been kept to the same routine but I will be changing my car soon and concerned we will be back at square one. I just joined from Scotland. Thanks

Dan L

9m GSD when playing fetch won’t release the ball with a give/out cmd. When I play with two balls she still won’t release until I throw the 2nd ball. She runs and swaps it out and runs back to a come stance, but won’t release. Is not aggressive when I try to grab it, but won’t release. Tried to offer a treat to release and she ignored it. I saw ecollar out lesson. Can try, but was wondering if there is an option to try first. You mentioned other methods in that lesson but I couldn’t find one.


Hello Robert, My Belgian Malinois 6 month old. Is quite uneasy at malls or when there’s lots of people around. He does get friendly around people and dogs nearby. It’s like all he wants to do is play so he pulls on the leash. Should I tire out my malinois first before walking in malls? So he should stay relaxed?

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