Member Q&A – 4/2/21

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Tanya S

14 month old Border Collie…tons of training since 9 weeks. Awesome in house, low distraction parks, walking sidewalk etc…when we go to train in higher distraction areas (kids, throwing balls, dogs running etc) he will “listen” to me…he “does the thing”….but he will be clearly focusing more on the other stuff. For example, will do his sits, downs, stays, heels etc BUT will spin around to be facing the other action…or if I change direc, will stay on loose leash..but walk backwards…help!

Amy J

Ok so I took ages to find it, but I stumbled across your YT video from a year ago of the question asked about ‘Rage Syndrome’. How you described it as pent up frustration was just eye opening for me! I knew it wasn’t true rage that I was seeing and you put into words what I could see but couldn’t explain!!! Now, How do I help him and sort it? I’ve been bitten badly twice to anything, or guide me to a trainer here in Melb that can help me? Im wary of ‘so called’ some trainers! Thank you!


5 yr old male intact Bernese mountain dog has recently been acting like he wants to mate with our 4 year old small female shepherd mix, who is spayed. We’ve had both dogs since they were puppies. He’s been constantly following her around, sniffing her backside and whimpering and whining around her. When he’s being too much of a pain I gate him off in the kitchen to relax. We thought maybe our female was experiencing some type of false heat, but this has been lasting over a month. Any thoughts?


Hi Robert, you and other trainers have stated that intact males will be “picked on” by neutered males but can you explain why? One would think because intact males are “more male” shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Alfredo V

Why did you make such a transition in dog breeds? To elaborate, why did you go from owning a Shar-Pei to owning a Belgian Malinois?


Hi Robert, do you socialize Goofy with other random dogs a lot, or is it just his excellent training that makes him this good/neutral with other dogs? I have a male pitbull-15 months old, he loves other dogs but gets too excited when he sees them, which sometimes lead to the other dogs getting aggressive and in some cases makes him aggressive as well.I usually first have to walk,down and heel him couple times to get the excitement level down,is that the right way?

Cheyenne S

We have just welcomed a 4 month old blue heeler to the family of 2 terriers who love beating each other out the back door. This is a problem as we struggle to get through the door first. Now the new addition to the family “Timber” has picked up the habit in just 14 days. I am generally training by myself and when I try to get out the door with Timber the other 2 run me down and create a scrap zone at the door. Suggestions to stop this behavior. –Thanks

Ryan M

At the start of potty training and crate training, should the puppy be crated in the bedroom with me overnight? This location would be substantially farther away from the door than the location of the crate during the day. If the distance from the bedroom crate is much further, how would you suggest that I avoid an accident from the time the puppy leaves the crate until being outside in the potty area? Would you carry your puppy to avoid a mistake early on? Thank you

Lisa C

Ok I heard your warning about two dogs approximately the same age being a nightmare. I am living this fact. We got a Doberman female and my daughter had a GSD at separate residences. Long story short, the daughter got ill and was unable to take care of her GSD and brought her to us to raise. Having a hectic time trying to train them both. I have heard your warning but they were too late for us. What to do.


Hi Robert I was caught off guard walking to my truck when my 1.5yr old GSD bolted after 2 coyotes running across my drive and she ended up pulling me down. Per your advice I introduced a prong collar and she is responding well but haven’t had another encounter yet. She goes nuts in the house when they yip and howl so I will redirect her with obedience but when they howl after bed time & she’s in her crate they howl back & forth which I’m sure is adding to the issue. What are your thoughts thx


Hi Robert,

First of thanks a lot for all the tips, your videos are gold.

I’m not exactly sure how to time the crate-fun-train-fun-crate sequence with my daily walks.

Should I use the walk as the jackpot reward at the end of the training?


We just welcomed a beautiful white GSD who just turned 8 weeks old to our home this past week. He has learned several key commands that Robert teaches in the puppy section BUT he hates having a leash attached to his collar. I purchased a 15′ leash and he continually fights and bites it. I switched it out with a 6′ very light braided leash and he tolerates it better but doesn’t like it either. If I put any pressure on the leash/collar he rears back and pulls to try to get out of the collar. Any help/suggestions is appreciated!


Hello, new member here. Does anyone know if Robert ever commented on 2 people training the same Dogs? My adult son and me. We have 2 puppies APBT 4 months and 2 months. Our intention is to train and compete in various dog sports


I have a 5 month old German Shepherd that bites me if I try and remove a chew that he is eating. I have always understood that you need to be able to remove anything your dog has. I have done the really physical thing in, but don’t enjoy doing that. Is there any advice out there for me?


Many trainers recommend head halters but you prefer prong collars and ecollars. Not a criticism, I didn’t like it much either, but why do you not like to use head halters?


Hey Robert – I have been using a herm sprenger prong collar on my dog for the past few months. My wife recently noticed he had some scarring on his neck? Could that be from the prong collar? Have you heard of that happening before? We always take it off when he is in his crate and don;t correct him with that much force.


Hi Robert, thanks for answering my question about e collar and chasing cars. My next question is about the game of tug. I watched and followed your videos on how to properly play tug My 6 month old pitbull loves to tug but when I release the toy (let her win) she does not re-engage, doesn’t follow me to continue the game. She walks away and chews on the toy. The same thing happens when we try to play fetch. How do I correct this? Thank you!

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