Member Q&A – 4/20/21

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I know you’ve done scent detection training but I am keen on getting into tracking. Even if you could point me in the direction of a good resource to learn about this discipline.


I’ve been potty training my 4 months female GSD for about 1 month now. Everything seems going smoothly as my schedule is to take her out of the crate every 4 hours and straight to the back yard (except for when I have to work in the morning then i’ll come home and let her out -that would be 5 hours). Everything was going smoothly and it seems like she got a hold of it until a couple days ago until now, she just urinates and poops every time she wants to in the crate then breaks. Did I mess up somewhere? Your advice would be greatly appreciated…

(Btw her crate is just enough for her to stand up and turn around)


Hey Robert! I’ve been trying to find the root of my dog’s aggressive behavior and I have found most cases have some connection to his crate. Somehow we must have messed up crate training him, whether leaving him in too long/often or by putting him in when he was being bad. Now he seems to get aggressive any time he thinks he’s going in. Is there any way to recondition him to enjoy his crate? I’d start leaving him out but he’s a Malinois and has escaped his crate and destroyed our room before


Hi, I took your advice and found a good trainer to help my Rottweiler that gave my dad 15 stitches. We are still working, but there have been no more instances of biting. My other problem is my 4 year old spayed female Rottweiler. We have the worst relationship and I don’t know how to fix it. She gives me the “middle finger” and tries to blow me off with everything I ask her to do. One thing specifically is, I feel she purposely goes for my hand during tug. How do I regain our relationship?


I have a 7 month old Amstaff who tends to get too excited/frustrated sometimes when playing or in the middle of a training session. The behavior escalates into mouthing, nipping hands and clothes. Trying to correct with the leash, which results in the dog tugging the leash. A firm “NO” seems to make it worse. One time I did put her to the ground holding gentle but firm until she calmed, at first she growled but did relax after 30 sec. Is this potential aggression and what should I do? Thanks


My dog is aggressive with other dogs. I’ve asked about leash aggression twice in the past. I was feeding him dinner while on walks, treating when he looked at me. More treats whenever we saw another dog and looked at me. You advised us to stop treating and use corrections when we see another dog and he becomes reactive. Sadly, we aren’t improving. In the AMA on 4/17 you advised Simon to give lots of treats around other dogs to create a positive association with other dogs. Why the different advice?


Started conditioning 1yo GSD to the e-collar a few weeks ago with great success, but we’ve not been able to take walks yet. When we can, how do I use prong + e-collar? They both sit in the same spot, high on their necks, close behind their ears. BTW: Why no walks? While training 6 weeks ago in a public spot, I didn’t realize her 15 ft biothane lead had wrapped around my leg during tug. When I sent her away to fetch, the lead torqued/fractured my knee as it flew off after her. Hope others learn from my mistakes.

Alfredo V

Hello Robert, I’m in 8th grade and I have to make a Biography Project on someone who changed my life. I picked you because you truly changed my life with everything you talk about on your podcast. I need some answers on a few questions they’re asking me for my project. How can I get a phone conference with you and how much would it cost.

Terry D

I train my 11 month old for scent work as a hobby. I use a tennis ball with 1 drop of Birch Oil, throw it in a tall grass release and let him find it. I have also started to hide a Q-Tip or cotton ball with a drop of birch with a set when he finds it. I just read that some Birch Oils can be dangerous. Can you recommend any other scents.


Hey Robert – As I am sure you know by now from all of my questions we have a 1 year old Mal/GSD mix. He is a great dog and the improvement over the past 6 months has been unbelievable. However, I am still concerned with him around kids and potentially future babies. He is great with my 8 year old niece but we will not allow him to be around her without the leash. He has never bitten anyone but he is still mouthy and his head is like granite. Any advice and introducing dogs to kids and babies?

Alan B

Hi, before asking the question I need to give you an example of what happened and where. At the beach with my wife and kids she behaved nice and calmly except when people walked close I know she turned into protective mode. What I want to know is to teach her how to control that to avoid the weird look from people walking through. Beside this behavior everything else is perfect thanks to your help.


Hi Robert, I’m having great exp so far being a member of your site since last year. I remember, I did post a question last time, and since then my black belgian malinois is getting solid day by day with her obedience, recall, and all the basics. Many thanks to u robert. Now here is the question, at 10 months old working dog, what can we expect in terms of the dog temperament? And also, is it the right time to switch to adult food?


Hi! Thank you for the lessons! My 10month old GS doesn’t like the neighbor dog and any activity they do. He gets really worked up, he barks hard in his kennel. Sometimes we let him run in the yard. When he hears the dogs he goes to the fence and starts jumping up like he wants to see them. I’m afraid he’ll jump over the fence. What should we do to prevent that? We are trying to control 2 things, the fence jumping and his barking. Should we use a bark collar? How do we prevent jumping?

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