Member Q&A – 4/28/21

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Here are the Q&A’s.. Sorry they are late, as is the member lesson, but I’ve been in editing HELL! Trying to figure out a new editing program called Davinci Resolve… Love and HATE it!


When my Mini American Shepherd is resting on his bed or floor, he has been conditioned to pop up when my boyfriend stands up. Even if he’s tired, he acts alarmed and follows behind him as if something is going to happen or if he thinks he’s going somewhere. He also pops up and takes a lap around downstairs if my boyfriend comes downstairs. How can I remove this pattern so he just stays relaxed? He’s been injured for several weeks so it’s become more pronounced since he can’t be as active.


Hi everybody ! My 5 months old Cane Corso puppy is a bit shy and gets scared by a lot of stuff very easily. I know that at this age is a bit normal for a mastiff but is there a way to work with him on mental toughness and confidence ? Thank you so much !


Hi Robert, was curious if you could shed some light on supplements that you would recommend for a Belgian Malinois with no current health issues. Thinking along the lines of joint support, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick etc. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions!

Jamie S

We have a 1 yr old GSD that has food sensitivities, we have her on Lucy dry food with her vitamins. On 4/24/21 we welcomed our second GSD to our family, he’s on cheap dry puppy food, I obviously want to switch her asap. What type of dry puppy food do you suggest? Thank you for all advice and commitment to your members.


Will the dog also obey the commands from members in my family Other than me.. ?if not then how to make the dog obey the same commands coming from my family members too.?


Hey Rob. 10mo ACD/Pit/GSD has a solid tug game. She brings it right to me after winning and will release on the first “out” 100% of the time. I’ve been bringing a tug on our structured walks, and it has really improved her attention knowing there might be a game of tug coming. Something new happened for the first time. While releasing her to tug, she ran more than one circle and her hackles came up. She didn’t put up a fight and was released when asked. Is this anything I should be worried about?

Beth F

Suddenly a dog I’m working with (I walk him for a neighbor and work on obedience) runs off in the yard when I bring out the prong collar. His owner only uses a harness. Turned into game of keep away. I left so as not to reinforce the behavior (owner not present). Is he just being a brat? I’ve used very gentle leash pressure with him and he does wonderful on the walk once prong is on. Suggestions to get him to come to me? Large, high-energy Standard Poodle. Maybe only retrieve him from inside?


I’m currently working on foundations with my GSD that has great potential…I’m also watching all of your member only videos… When do you suggest I start with focused heeling and other advanced stuff? Also another question? How much time per day is decent for me to be with my dog daily, I’m side working so I can’t be there for him 24/7 , currently, we are together for about 7-8 hours a day. In that time we do training, walks, socialization with dogs ,chilling, etc. Thanks, Simon

Kyle G

I have heard a few ppl say that the most important command a personal protection dog can know is a down. How can I teach/improve my dogs down when on a send away? Thank you! God bless you and your pack!


My 4yr old Rottweiler is so scared to stay outside in the backyard by herself she will paw/jump at the door handle relentlessly until we let her in. She also has anxiety in the house and barks at nothing while running to the front door. She will bark while in her cage and when I say quiet she does that huff noise so she actually doesn’t listen and is quiet completely. How do I help her phobia of outside? She doesn’t mind the front, just the backyard. Also why is she so anxious?

Laura R

Hi Robert, Saturday I took home my 8 weeks old female GSD puppy. I have watched both your videos on crate training online and I feed her and lure her in the crate with lots of praise and nothing when she’s out of it. However when I lock the door and the food is gone she starts whining. Is there anything else I can do or does she just have to deal with it? If I’m doing this wrong I’d like to correct now that it’s her third day with me rather than later on. Thanks, Laura


Hey Robert – My 1 year old GSD/Mal mix will not settle down outside the crate. Why is that? He can be exhausted from a long run or tug session but just can’t seem to figure out how to fall asleep unless he is in the crate. Sometimes he’ll sit on the couch and his eyes will start close but will not just lay down. Is that normal behavior? Is there a way to teach him to relax like using the platz command and not having him get up? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Robert, thanks for making me a better owner. What is the right way to teach Cane corso (5 months) to stop guarding “on command”? I don’t want to correct her when she’s “guarding” our house/family, but there are situations when I don’t want her to bark: at little children or at tennis tournaments. Though she barks she is friendly (when barking her tail is always wagging). Should I teach her the quiet command? For now I am walking away with her, then we do some obedience and then I bring her back.


We make the dog try to get used to the bridge word Good, but in some videos I saw Robert Sir gives the treat using the word good boy. Won’t the dog get confused..


I watched your video on phasing treats and you said to reward the dog for 1 year, do you mean to constantly reward with treats for 1 year the command the dog is being trained for? When you phase out treats, how do you transfer to a variable reward schedule without losing the drive in your dog to comply? I read somewhere it’s best to stick with a variable reward schedule and a consistent punishment schedule, does that sound effective to you?


I have an 11-year-old lab mix and a 16 week old mini golden doodle, but this has nothing to do with them. Congratulations do you and your bride, Robert! Anyone who has followed you for any length of time feels the love you have for Janet, always including her, always lifting her up with your speech. She must be very special. Long life and much love to you both.


Is there a way to make my German shepherd listen to only me? He listens to me really good and I have seen much improvement since I became your member. It’s really annoying and irritating to see other people want to satisfy their complexes and acting like they own and trained my dog and then they think¨oh, this dog listen to me. I’m a good trainer¨. By the time I said anything they already gave him few commands. It’s really frustrating to see that after all the time, dedication, money I put into training :/


You mentioned in your videos about using this collar that you would address the use of the Bark Limiter function in a separate video. I cannot seem to find that video?

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