Member Questions 1-21-22

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Scott C

Our 20 month old short haired German pointer has started growling at people when she is lying down. She realizes after doing it that it is wrong and tries to lick your face. But when she does it she is physically trembling like she is scared. She has never been beaten or abused, however she was nearly abducted when she was 4 months. We have never had any issues with her until about 2 months ago when this behavior started. She may be approaching her second season soon. Not sure if that’s important.

Jamie D

I just signed up to ask your take on this article I read “Bring in the clones: Instagrammers are genetically replicating their pets” At first I was horrified but then started to recall the podcast episode with Mike Ritland and the topic of poor breeding ect. Anyway would love to hear your take on this or not, I’m sure it is controversial and you’re very busy. But it may make you think.


Can I use an ecollar on my Anatolian when he barks at neighbors dog?He would gladly kill the dog and I’m scared to try introducing them.Will get a privacy barrier but that likely won’t solve entire problem.I’ve used an ecollar when my dog tried to attack my escaped chicken but he didn’t respond to the stim until it was so high he got scared.But it worked and he doesn’t chase escaped chickens anymore.Since he is so aroused when barking Im worried an ecollar might cause more problems.What should I do


If I understand your socialization philosophy, puppies should meet only a couple of people and dogs because otherwise, as adults, they will want to meet every single dog and person they see. What confuses me is that some knowledgeable behaviorists (e.g., Ian Dunbar) say that puppies must be socialized with lots of dogs and people (~100) to avoid aggression mishaps later. Could you please expand on this?

If a strange dog or a child were to suddenly run up to Goofy outdoors, how would he react?


Hi, I have a 9 month old Dutch shepherd who, when asked to be pet I decline because I have observed how she will approach in a friendly manner (licking, wagging, pawing). And then suddenly she will flip a switch, growl, and bark at the person petting her. It’s obvious that I made a mistake somewhere in her training, and to counteract this I haven’t been letting anyone pet her. But for the times that it’s inevitable (around family or friends), how do I stop this from happening?

Marie S

I have a 16 month old Border Collie that has had some training, but the problem is that from the time we got him at 8 weeks he has been a “pandemic” dog, meaning not hardly any socialization with other dogs or humans. He barks and lunges at people when walking. He barks if anybody comes to the house. I would love to be able to take him places. So, where do I start with your lessons?


I adopted a 3 months Belgian malinois and am doing everything I can to train him properly. My wife is also taking care of him as we both work all day. We try to use the same “technique” with him yet he sometimes behaves differently depending on who is giving him the order. How is it possible to manage his behavior regardless of who is giving the order?

how is it possible to manage his behavior the exact way with me and my wife?

Didi Y

Hi, 6 month female GSD, every morning after i feed Lyla, we do some fetch in the backyard. In the middle of the game, I give “sit” commend. It seems Lyla needs time to react – She would stop her “fetching” mode, walk around (since she was panting heavily)? and then I give “come” & “sit” again, she would come to my side and sit. We continue our game after i praise her. Is this good obedience? Is she supposed to “sit” right after I give the commend? Do I need to use e collar to reinforce? Thank you


5 mo old hound mix is very excited when in the house out of crate. I don’t give him much down time- most time out of the crate is training/fetch for exercise. Are his excitement levels inside the house indicative of not getting enough exercise or is it just normal puppy excitement? When we finish training and kong time etc I put him back in the crate for a “cool down” period (also crate training), is that a good method or am I using the crate to curb his excitement too much? Thank you!


My 16 month old Border Collie does well when I am actively engaging her in obedience or play. My problem is that the second I stop giving her a task to do and just let her explore she goes into prey drive and wants to chase. My goal is to go for walks where she can be off lead, but that seems unachievable. I have started e-collar training. Do I need to snap her out of prey drive more often so that she pays attention to me even when I want nothing specific from her (just not run off)? Thank you!

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