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Hi Robert, what’s your opinion on boarding training? Some trainers want to board the dog for a month (or more if needed) with weekly visits from it’s owners. I’ve a 8 month old Malinois and she’s very bonded with us and I’m afraid that by doing this she will lose her trust. 

Thank you and best regards, 


Jonathan A

Our 10 month old American Bully just finished her first heat cycle. She started whimpering and crying during her heat and we took her to 2 different vets just to make sure she was ok. They both cleared her with flying colors and said that it’s normal for females to be a bit whiny during heat. It’s been 5 weeks since she started and she’s done with the bleeding cycle of her heat, but she’s still been extremely whiny. If there’s no attention on her or she isn’t able to do whatever she wants to do she starts whining like crazy. Can you please offer some guidance as how to deal/correct this?


Hey Robert, greetings from the UK! Just wondering if it’s acceptable for our 5-month-old Belgian Malinois to walk ahead of us when loose leash walking? She does not pull and a lot of the time the leash is super loose with 2 big ‘bellies’ (w shape). I always correct her immediately if I feel she may start pulling (by popping the leash; she also has a 2.5mm prong collar on during walks). She immediately comes closer after receiving a correction and will generally return to a heel position. But is it ok for her to walk ahead of us? Will this make her feel like she’s the one ‘in charge’? Thanks!


Our lab we had at 12 wks. nearing 2 yr. neutered has always been nervous and reactive around people. Training done with clicker and obedience but home reactivity persists. working with him on going to designated place and simulating someone at the door. he gets growly and raised hackles (which he also does when people come into the house). I make him stay in place if he breaks the command I correct with slip, pressure, ecollar. Question I have is whether I should correct the growling and how? He does this also when going to crate when people are in house Correct? Never bared teeth or bite.


Our 1 yr old male Malinois barks at other dogs when in the car and on leash. We are working on leash corrections and making some headway, but not in the car. I watched your video on bark collars and am ready to try that. I’d also like to start him on an e collar for better distance distracted recalls. Which collar should I start first? Or doesn’t it matter since he will understand them quickly?

Heidi – UK

Hi Robert, can you advise how to introduce my 2yr old GSD-bitch to a 3 month puppy Dachshund- male. My sister is getting the pup this weekend and they will be expected (in an ideal world) to interact at times, as myself and my sister spend a lot of time together. Is this achievable in your opinion, if so how would you approach the task ? I appreciate there will need to be some control in place as they are very different breeds, Regards, Heidi

David C

Hello Robert we are getting a Malinois puppy first week in March. I was hoping for some direction on what you recommend for Collars, Harnesses and Leashes. There are so many to choose from it gets a bit overwhelming. He will be 9 weeks old when we pick him up. I would like to start him on a harness as soon as possible. I feel there is better control. But what are your recommendations on a puppy and as he is growing up. This may seem trivial, but I have looked on Amazon and so many sites. Want a good deal, but want the right gear. Thanks!


I adopted a Malinois male puppy at 4 months age from a shelter. He is super curious about all people and overly friendly, trying to approach a lot of them with wiggling tail and pulling the leash while at it. He has not been socialized before i got him which is another four months ago (he is 8 months old now) How do i teach him neutrality and keep him positive towards humans at the same time in a more relaxed manner?


Hi Robert, I want to teach my dog the off command. Could you talk me through the process – lure the behavior w/treat, proper timing of when to say the command etc. I could practice the skill having him jump on the couch and then telling him off. I just want to be sure I teach it right. Also, if he jumps on someone excitedly I want him to understand “off” when I say it and then I can leash pop if it continues. As always thanks for your advice!


Hello team Cabral:

So I have a malinois almost 3 yr, the question is, how do I transfer the good behavior I want to other places ? Like she knows to sit, but if I change the known places she doesn’t sit, and I need a good crate because she learned how to open the normal ones, she waits in but if I go to far she comes out and looks for me, and at the training facility it’s mandatory for her to be in it til it’s her time and i need to move some times


Hi Robert & Janet,

My male, intact, two year-old Boxer/Cane Cross has developed a habit of sitting and staring at passers-by during our walks. His body is in a neutral position and there is no barking/lunging/vocalization. Once the person/dog has passed, he will continue walking. Do you know what is causing this behavior? He does NOT do this when we are facing others head-on. He only cares if they’re walking behind us or perpendicular such as someone coming out of their house. I am calm when walking him – there is no leash tension and my energy is relaxed.


Hi Robert! I have a GS/Australian Cattle rescue that is anxious when walking close to moving cars and bicycles. I’ve done some exposure training around parking lots with much success (I camp in the corner of the parking lot and we play, then we walk around). she can now tolerate slow moving cars, in parking lots. I remember a while back seeing a blindfolded mule in South America(the handler explained she got spooked with cars, so that helped he do her job). I recently thought about that mule and made me wonder if a blindfold could work for exposure training for walking my anxious dog-Thoughts?

Amy E

Mini bernedoodle, male, intact, 1.5y, who is very stressed at night when he is away from the family. He hated his crate at first but is starting to be less resistant to it now. We’ve experimented with having him in a fenced off area of the house where he can’t get in trouble and he’s still pacing, panting, and not sleeping much. We set up a camera to see his behavior at night and he is getting maybe 40 mins of rest at a time. He is rarely vocal so he doesn’t disturb us but I hate to see him stressed. He came from a breeder where he slept with other dogs – we got him 4 months ago.

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