Member Questions 1-4-22

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Hi again, sorry for all my too many questions but I really do appreciate your advice, my GSD’s gotten into a habit when He’s standing next to me & I ask him to sit he wouldn’t sit instead he will rest his bum on my leg basically wanting a massage 😂 he’s 1 yr old not neutered, is this behavior normal? Should I enforce the sit? I really appreciate all your time and efforts, thank you so much

Neal D

I had told you b4 about my city whose streets are filled with 100s of very reactive packs of stray dogs. There is not one single outing where I don’t meet at least one. Had no idea b4 getting my pup. Feels like a losing battle bt I will nvr gv up. My question to both of you is with all your dog training skills, lf you were in my situation how wud you handle an 11 month old GSD who is reactive like he wants to meet/play exactly like Sonny? The dogs can be shooed away easily but it amps him up bad.


I have a 10 month old puppy. She is reactive and afraid of everything. I’ve tried to socialize her but it’s impossible. When she sees another dog she barks aggressively. I’ve tried to redirect her attention to focus or sit or anything else but it’s impossible. My biggest problem is that she barks at night at any sound that she hears. I can’t get her to stop. If I put her in her crate at night she’ll bark at all the noises and won’t stop. If I have her sleep by my bed she’ll bark. What should I do.


Hi,was a member here and back again to stay.Question is about 13 mo Anatolian shepherd.He knows sit+stay, wait, come, and is decent on leash.Only training I do right now is chilling with the chickens and teaching him not to play with them.Once hes older he’ll be full time with them.Lately tried to work on loose leash walking and noticed he gets very frustrated with it.Wondering if there’s any point perfecting this if the only places we’ll be walking on leash once he’s full time outside is the vet


How do I get my dog to stop barking at people in the house? When people are coming over I put her in a crate and she barks and won’t stop. If she meets the person she’s fine but I don’t want her to think that barking let’s her meet the person. I’ve tried treats and peanut butter but she won’t eat anything. She really likes people. I’ve tried walking her outside and bringing her inside to see the new person and she still barks. I’ve tried to correct the behavior with a leash tug and it won’t work

Brian S

Hi Robert – I wanted to see how I can teach my young Labrador to stay out of the bathroom. He has a tendency to go into the bathroom to grab the toilet paper, a hand towel, etc. We have placed pet gates to limit various areas of the house but doing the same for the bathroom isn’t as practical. We provide plenty of exercise, play, and training opportunities to him which has helped with other aspects but not this specifically.

Sam E

Could you substitute a prong with an e-collar and get the same results, for light pulling on leash. I have been doing obedience for a month and my dog is getting the hang of it. but gets a little excited once and a while and start walking of now I have an e-collar and use it at a working level of 4.


Is there a right or wrong way to play with your puppy? My 4 month old Staffy tends to get way over excited when we play fetch or tug games. She bolts back and forth, growls and nips. I understand she’s a puppy and this is probably normal, but are we reinforcing long term bad behavior in any way? We want to raise a “calm” dog but obviously want her to have fun and get her energy out. Thoughts?


hi I wish you a Happy New Year. Question – A dog with reactivity towards dogs, can it be improved with a clicker or marker in the following method – at the first sign the dog starts to build when he sees another dog, perform a marker or clicker and if he gives eye contact to reward it ? Can this method help and create a positive conditioning? Second question – if I change direction at the stage when the dog starts to build, should I call him or just correct the pup if he dont follow me? Thanks

Laura S

Hi Robert,

I’m trying to teach our lab to speak but haven’t succeeded yet. I’ve watched your Speak & Quiet Video with Jimi, but haven’t been able to get Merkava to speak. I’ve enticed her with treats and toys, but she just offers me other commands, sit, down, etc. I’ve even tethered her to a tree to no avail. Of course, we will get a few barks if another dog, or jogger goes past. Because she barks, I’ll praise her and tell her to “speak” again, but it doesn’t typically work. Advice?


Bob B

16 month lab mix will not stay at side on a prong collar, likes to be out front while walking. If I stop she will come back to me with a small correction. Pretty good at most other things.

Cory S

Robert, you teach that eating anything off the ground is forbidden and then during the puppy series you regularly use throwing treats out for luring. Is there a way we should be teaching the dog how to distinguish when this behavior is ok? And during the puppy series you teach that a recall command should be paired with a touch to prevent the dog from darting into a dangerous situation. When should you begin training without touch when a recall from a distance is needed such as with French Ring sports etc


I’ve recently rescued a puppy (recently as in less than a week ago), and he is approximately 5 months old. My question is how do I correctly crate train him if I’ve already messed up? I did the food training you talk about, but he is skittish and runs out immediately after eating the treats. Eventually I have to close the door and leave him for bedtime or if I need to do a chore. Eventually he settles down and stops whining,but he still is skittish.Have I already messed up his pos assoc w/ crate.

I know you say not to stretch training sessions longer than 10-15 minutes. Does this include crate training sessions where I’m putting treats in the crate like you show in your video? If so, what do I do after that 15 minutes during our break before we start again if I can’t put him in the crate and lock the door? Trying not to give him an adverse reaction to the crate but sometimes (bed time etc) he has to go in and stay in. Thank you for your time. (5 mo old hound mix rescue, not from shelter)


I’m enjoying all your videos and particularly the puppy section. Next week, I’ll pick up an 8-week old Bullmastiff, Otto. Are there ways that I should plan to deviate from your instruction videos because of Otto’s breed? For example, in the video of Ziggy being taught “touch,” Ziggy’s drive helps him quickly learn the skill being taught. Might I need a different approach with a Bullmastiff for this and other skills? I’ve read breed specific books & articles, but find your videos very helpful.

Joey G

Just wanted your take on how one should approach other people’s dogs that you haven’t met before?

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