Member Questions 10-1-21

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My 9 month old GSD is great at walking on a loose leash thanks to you. We have been walking at busy public parks with people walking standing sitting everywhere, no problems. But if anyone is coming from the opposite side and is really close to us as we are walking he lunges at them. If they are not that close, say more than 2ft away, no problems he doesn’t care. The 2 conditions are prerequisite for this bad behavior. I feel its insecurity/protection mode. Do I use E collar corrections? Janet rocks!

Albin O

Hi Robert, thanks for all your hard work. I train my dog using the leash training method videos from your website. During training he’s great and doesn’t pull. During a real walk he keeps pulling even though it chokes him when he pulls because I’m using a slip lead. It doesn’t seem to bother him. Any advice please? Thank you.


Hi Robert, my 7 month old pup loves to chase and hunt flies (or any bug for that matter) both indoors and outside. What are your thoughts on this? Would allowing her to do this cause the same problems as chasing shadows, or is it harmless? She is totally fixated when “hunting” but not obsessive about looking for them if there are none around. Thanks!

Naithan and Shadow

Hey Robert, 21 month GSD & I have been working on socialization & human reaction for over a month now by having guests come over the house. He has seen great improvement with the 180 turn & place command over the weeks but still a lot of work to be done. My plan is to join an IPO club in the FUTURE whose trainer Christian Gomez (protégé of Oscars).I feel I would be grossly embarrassed if he is acting this way during OB training. He will need to get through it eventually, but should I hold off on the IPO?


My husband and I are at the end of our rope. Our 11-month, female, GSD has us totally confused. I take her on an hour-long walk, off leash, in the desert every morning where I meet two friends and 7 dogs. My dog, Maggie has never shown signs of aggression towards any of them. Two days ago, we were alone, and she ran ahead of me into the open backyard of a new neighbor whose Great Dane was loose at the time. Maggie showed no sign of aggression and just wanted to play, which they did. Previously there was an incident with another unfamiliar dog (off-leash) and she totally bonded with him — play and no aggression.

Our problem:

A few weeks ago, I hired a professional sitter because we were going out of town. I asked her to bring her 1 year old Corgi thinking Maggie would enjoy that. When she and her dog (on leash) got out of the car Maggie went nuts. Totally aggressive.

In the past Maggie acted the same when I had her on leash during a neighborhood walk when we encountered strange dogs. She is always the aggressor. I really thought she was beyond that now since she is usually friendly with other dogs.

Last Saturday we took her to a “manners” group class with the intention of socializing her with strange dogs. However, she reacted so aggressively to the first dog she saw, that we put her back in the car. I spoke to the woman doing the training and got her card. She does in-home training and she is very large in stature. More capable of handling an out-of-control dog than my husband or myself. However, she is busy until the middle of October.

Over this past weekend my husband had watched quite a few of Robert’s training videos on controlling aggressive dogs. Yesterday we went on a neighborhood walk with a long line and choke collar. All was great until we encountered a guy (around 35yo) with a white GSD. Maggie went nuts. His dog was totally under control (on leash) and never showed any aggression – only fear. It was all Maggie. My husband finally lost control of the leash and was slammed face-down onto the street. Thank God the man had control of his dog and he also told me how to wrap my leash under Maggie’s belly. My husband (87yo) was bleeding heavily from his head, shoulder, leg, and hand. We spent the rest of the day in hospital. Luckily there were no brain bleeds, but he did get 10 stitches in his hand, and he has a very sore body today.

ANY suggestions of what I (74yo) can do prior to having the in-house trainer would be greatly appreciated.

I have an Educator E-collar, a Springer prong collar, 5 different sizes of choke collars, a flat martingale collar, a long leash, a leather leash, etc.

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