Member Questions 10-15-21

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I got a metal martingale which helps a lot compared to the nylon. However, the pup was in between sizes, I ordered small and medium and the small didn’t get over his head, but the medium is still loose when fully cinched – can fit 2 fingers or so under the collar even when cinched. Is this ok? Seems to be working and I’m not sure how much better a proper fitting one would be.


Our black lab mix just turned 1. He was a stray rescued at 6 mos and is smart but independent. He will figure out training games and get ahead of the command. For example if we are rewarding “drop it” with a treat, soon he will be getting the toy and racing to drop it without the command. He is frustrated if that doesn’t get him the treat. If we tell him to drop something he doesn’t WANT to drop, he will ignore & get mouthy or nip if we grab his collar. What are we doing wrong? Thanks!

Jingyun N

Hi Robert, my dog has just turned 1yr old. Recently, his barking issue has become more serious. Every time he sees a dog when walking on a leash, he will become very reactive which means barking and lunging at that dog. He is not aggressive, and has never been involved in dog fight when playing with other dogs. But that behavior is really annoying and I have to be very cautious during the whole time when walking with him. His there a way I can fix it or at least mitigate the behavior? Thank you

Christy & Zeke

Zeke gets very anxious in the car. 3 y/o male heeler. Cries the entire time. Took him to the beach, 1.5 hr trip one way and he cried the whole time there and back. When we get in the car he appears ok but he starts crying when the car starts moving. I am about to move cross country, spending up to 6 months in an RV. How to stop this behavior? I’ve tried short trips around town, using treats, comforting him, being stern with him, using Benadryl, CBD. He’s VERY stubborn and dramatic.

Fredrik B

Hello, I have a 2 year old german shepherd dog. I train search and rescue and competition, we started really well in training. She learned really fast and did Great , but now the excitement from her in training takes off and the barking begins then she loses focus of what we Are doing . I’m thinking of Scaling my reward down from kong to threats because it’s usually after rewarding and we go to continue the training she looks up in barking. Thanks for your help


How many hours per day to play with a Malinois puppy? After watching your answer, I have decided to get a Malinoise Puppy for my small JR to ensure a new dog to understand the order of rank. I learned from MaligatorMom that a Malinois puppy bites the handler and the pictures were scary. How many hours per day should I play redirecting puppy’s bite to Toy? I just want to make sure that I spend up with bruises like MaligatorMom. Thank you


Hi Robert, my 18 month BC x GSD for 6 months now has become aggressive with strange, male dogs around the same size as him. He was well-socialised as a puppy and has no ‘traumatic’ experiences. He has 1 – 2 ‘dog friends’ that he plays with once a month. We generally keep him away from strange dogs. When strangers ask if he can play with their dog, we used to say yes because he was always playful. He is still great with females, puppies and smaller dogs. Should I try and train through this?

Bob F

Robert, what is the best way to train your dog to stay away from rattlesnakes ?


My dog refuses to eat out of her bowl, and will only eat her food out of a Kong toy. If this was any other dog, I would just pull their food bowl if they refuse to eat, however, she needs medication that requires her to eat. How can I train her to eat out of her bowl?

John R

Hi Robert, I have a 12 month old Lab retriever who I have had from 7 months old. In most instances and with your help he has done me proud and is a blessing to own. My concern is sometimes when we are out walking he suddenly starts jumping at me and mouthing hard. Hard enough to draw blood and he has torn my jacket in a few places. What would you suggest I do? May I say that as a member your videos have made our training sessions very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Take care John

Laura C

I wanted to ask if E collar could help me with this issue. So Hera has a good recall but, when we walk on the fields (daily, off leash) and sees a person near us or maybe 10 meters, walks or runs it doesn’t matter man or woman, she is reactive (barks) and does not respond to my recall ( trance like). To give context: she is not reactive when we walk via leash in the neighborhood, parks, shopping. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong I don’t know ☹ recall has this flow: come, yes, treat .Tnx


I have a 9 MO Vizsla puppy. In a couple of weeks we’ll visit a friend at her farm, so I started conditioning her to the e-collar for recall. There will be another dog at the farm and chances are they’ll play. Is it safe for dogs to play with other dogs while wearing an e-collar?


Hi Robert. Kai, my GSD pup is almost 8 months now. At what age do you fade treats and start correcting? He knows his basic commands pretty well but is starting to test me by trying to ignore the command, especially if he knows I don’t have a treat. At the same time, his size and intelligence sometimes makes me forget he’s still a pup. I just want to make sure I’m not moving too quickly/slowly with my expectations for him.


Hey Robert my 14 month English Cocker is a very affectionate dog. His training is going great, since I’ve become a member here. My question is he likes to come up to me and guests and lick them, which seems like he’s trying to kiss them. I don’t think its OCD but what would you say is the best way to stop this behavior? I tried pushing the dog away which doesn’t seem to help, and I think he looks at that as playing a game. Thanks so much!

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