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Hi R and J: 

I have a problem, my dog is doing great a Mal, but sometimes she gets really really scared walking, and I don’t know how to fix it, when she is fine she walks fine, but as soon as there is a surprise noise (shopping carts or a motorcycle) she wants to run the other way, I don’t know what to do, I just stay strong so I don’t get pulled, how can I help her ? She does know how to walk but that reaction can hurt me and her and I’m lost.

David C

I have an 11 GSD. I’ve had 4 surgeries in the past 7 months and have been unable to follow through on his training. What is the best course now to get him obedient and trained? I want to have a very successful pet. I love him and he stays by my side but a little unruly at times. Thank you


I have a 14 week old German Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois, how long per day should she be in her crate? I usually do 2-3 ten min training sessions with her per day, as well as a couple walks with training mixed in. I also tether her in the yard where I can keep an eye on her sometimes. Is this enough exercise for her?


I will be getting a Lab puppy and I have a large “KONG” metal crate with the puppy divider do you recommend another crate type? Should I purchase a small crate for the puppy training then move to the adult one?


I adopted a dog from the shelter,I did the DNA test and now I am kind of scared.I loved her very much and we have a solid bond.She has 29% German shepherd,13 Australian Shepherd, 12 american Pitbull,10 Staffordshire Terrier,13 Catahoula Leopard,9 Chow Chow, etc. All these breeds seems to be challenging. Apparently she was around 2 years when I got her. She stayed 7 months in the shelter.I am doing my best for her, but I work 10 hours per day. I play with her,I train her,we walk two times a day, but I do not have the time that these breeds demand. Should I be concerned? What do you advise me?

Laurie E

The dog is a 7 year old lab mix. The dog has been in the same home since puppy. 

I am thinking about taking her in, but need a strategy in order to help her adjust, as we share property lines. 

Please advise. I want what’s best for this dog, and want to minimize as much stress, and confusion as possible. 

Please, can you help me with a plan to transition her into my home, and become her new pack leader? 

Thank you


Hi Robert, when a puppy has an accident in the house, what is the appropriate thing to do? Is it enough to use a calm verbal “no” and immediately pick him up to go outside? My puppy is 3.5 months old. Is it bad to have an overly emotional response at this age? Thanks in advance.


I’m getting a Belgian Malinois puppy in two weeks and plan on starting basic training (crate training, recall, luring and shaping). However, I’m unsure when to start teaching the “leave it” command since it involves correction. When is it generally safe to introduce corrections in training?


Hi Robert, Before signing up for your training I used “yes” to indicate correct behavior followed by treat. Then I use “break” to release from position. My dog is used to this combination in her training but I was wondering if I should re-train her to your method of using “yes” as the release and not use “break” at all. Or will this complicate her training. Thanks!

Ashlee B

Hi Robert! I’m a former vet tech, now dog trainer. I have found that my veterinary training has helped me tremendously in knowing the body language in dogs, and correcting when they are fixating, instead of when they react. How important do you think body language is in the training world?


Hi Robert, I am new here and slowly working through the content from the start. We have a 15 month GSD rescue, and a major struggle we have is chewing. We have plenty of toys and “safe” things she’s allowed to chew but she must more prefers the stuff she shouldn’t like beds, clothes, gardens, furniture. I do minimum 3 quick training sessions with her per day followed with some play. The times she gets up to the worst havoc is when left alone for a hour to a few when we have left the house for work. 

Toys that cannot tear apart are boring to her, if she can’t destroy it she leaves it. Any tips.

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