Member Questions 10-8-21

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Hi. Your advice helped me a lot. I practiced movement, back 180 degrees, a loose leash and all the important things. The problem that still exists is that my dog is excited and stressed when he sees other dogs, and wants to approach them at all costs. even from a big distance. If I go in the opposite direction he gets stuck and keeps staring. If I correct a pup before the tension- he resists. start to react, lunging. 2 yr ridgeback with slip lead. prong made him more reactive. Any advice? thanks


I have small size Jack Russell female 3 years old. She is happy, very low drive. No problem socializing despite she is not outgoing. I need a guard dog and decided to rescue instead of buying a puppy or adult dog. I found a Doberman adult male & Malinois adult female at an animal shelter near me. I watched & studies all your video lessons on how to introduce a new dog to an old dog. However I am still not sure a very big size Doberman & Malinois are a good idea for my Jack Russell??

Kirsten F

Hi Robert. I’d love to get your advice on how to start pairing the place command with objects other than a “place board”, if possible. My entlebucher, Hudson, is super solid with his place command using his elevated board but it would be great to use in practical situations where I don’t have his board handy. At a friend’s house or vet, etc. I’ve tried a couple times in the past, pointing out something else as his “place”, but he became very confused and seemed to be looking for his board.

Nykki R

Hello Robert, I have a 5 and a half month old female Belgian Malinois and my vet recommends spaying her at 6 months. My vet told me that spaying them at this age can prevent certain cancers and the surgery is less complicated since she has not gone into heat. I am a bit hesitant on spaying her so early. I have had trainers tell me to wait till at least her first heat to spay her. Do you have any suggestions?


Rob and Janet

I live in the NE. Our ACD mix is on nextguard/heartguard. Ticks are super bad around here. Heart worm is around, and mosquitos are bad. I’ve started to notice, I am always bragging how proud I am of her towards the end of each month. I am starting to think these meds are increasing her reactivity, and making her a bit confused on how to settle at home. Meds are at the beginning of the month. Im super nervous to take her off them. She isMDR1 negative. Could these increase reactivity?


Hi Robert, do dogs go through stages of doing really well and then have a stage where they don’t? Not just good or bad days, just longer periods of doing well and then having a bad stage and then doing really well for a long time. I ask because my dog has done so well with reactivity I put him in a sit just off the foot path and let the dog go past and if he stays sitting I reward him and the past few weeks he did really well but the last few days he seems to react more at the same place I always go?


Recently adopted a 1yo female cane corso. I already own a 1yo male cc. I listened to your podcast on having multiple dogs and have followed the advice given. My boy was already trained but the new female is not. She is very laid back and is not food motivated. Any advice on how I can build up her drive and/or things I could try to reward her with. Thanks!


Question: I have a small Jack Russell female 3 years old who is faint with a big dog at first but eventually OK. I need a guard dog to protect the property. I watched all your videos on rescue dog / how to introduce a new dog. But will size matter? Is it a bad idea to get Malinois or Doberman when my dog is small? How about getting a rescue dog? I already found a dog trainer and got the crates ready. Grace


Hi Robert, I read in John Rogerson’s book that he believes that separation anxiety or stress could be caused by breeders confining the mother dog with the puppies too long. This makes perfect sense to me but I wanted to get your take on it.

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