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Mellow is nipping or grabbing my shirt or t-shirt. What is the best way to stop it? She just gets very excited and wants to play. I try giving her a toy to play with, but sometimes with the toy in her mouth she will grab my sleeve or bottom of my blouse or sweater.


i have a 5 yr old GSD i was given from a family i know who didn’t train or put the time into the dog she needed, my question is how can i improve her ability to play fetch better as i live in a condo in toronto and would like her to get exercise but right now she runs circles around me with the ball when she has it, the dog has GI issues so i can’t give her treats with out upsetting her stomach so i mainly use the ball to do my training as her food motivation is not all there


My 15 month old 20lb Cockapoo ignores dogs on walks, but if we stop in a park and I take a break from engaging with him, he gets territorial and will run at dogs that get too close. I want to put a stop to that. Leash pops don’t work. So, I now mark with a strong ‘no’, lift him by scruff such that his front paws come off the ground for a second, then I release him and move on. Do you see any issues with doing this? I want the correction to be meaningful. Any advice on giving strong corrections? 

PS I hope your back isn’t giving you too much trouble these days!


I’m trying to get my dog to engage more with me (pitsky 4 years old) had her since a pup but didn’t do training until last couple months. She isn’t motivated by food, or tug, and I’ve tried a flurp pole as well. I want to have positive experiences during training instead of just corrections and praise. She will take fresh pet which is like a raw food but trying to find what drives her so she will want to check in with me and I’m more important then the environment or distractions

Diana B

I’m planning on purchasing these items but have a few questions: 

I have a Labrador, 1 year old male, ~65 lbs. circumference of his neck is 18 inches 

1. Is the Large the correct size? 

2. Is the Extender needed? 

3. Is the charging cable included in the kit? 

Chameleon lll B, Large, K9, finger kick 

Chameleon Extender, Large

please use this link to get the ecollar from Martin:



Have had GSD my whole life (65 now). I am getting a Belgian Malinois male pup Dec 1 2023 and a West German GSD male pup late Feb 2024. I am an active Sergeant for Cook County Sheriff’s Dept (County includes Chicago IL) and have access to the K9 training fields and trainers. What specific Martin System with (4) Side kick buttons would you recommend? Thank you in advance for your help and for supporting the military & police. Bill (Sgt Baker )

Anna M

Hi Robert, I volunteer once a week at a shelter in Split, Croatia. I am the only volunteer with pet dog training experience and I get overwhelmed by what needs I can meet because there are 60+ dogs. How should I use the time I have at the shelter? ( what play or training is best needed for shelter dogs)

Lina T

Hi! Please explain the sensitivities of hearing. Prior to having Harpo in my life, I cranked up my stereo when doing chores. Now I keep the volume down to do whatever to protect her hearing. I especially miss cranking up my stereo in my vehicle. I was told that dogs are able to hear what we humans cannot. I did purchase music for dogs, very peaceful tunes but at what point should I decrease the volume? I tried all levels with her but she’s nonchalant, same with rock & roll, no reaction. Fireworks weren’t bad this year but a distant,far away popping she hears, she freaks. Thank you!


Hi! My dog already knows a super reliable down command but she does the “crawling” down. I’ve watched your video on the proper down movement. Would you establish a completely new command for the new down or fix the movement of the old down command? Thanks!

Barbara W

Dexter (my Malanois) was my son’s dog. The dog was between 4-6 months when Dylan got him. Dylan, passed away from cancer on June 20 of this year. He asked me to please keep his dog. It meant a lot to him that Dex stay here with me. Dylan had lived at home with me so the dog is very familiar and protective towards me. I don’t have thousands of dollars to hire a trainer. I’ve been watching your videos and others and have been working with him when I can. I am 68 years old, but in good health. Please give me your opinion on keeping Dex. I love him. I have two cherished cats and a 3y grandson.

Austin L

Hello! I have a very well trained bernedoodle doing competition level obedience because of Nate Schoemer’s YouTube. Somewhere along the lines with him being my first dog ever, I probably made mistakes. He’s a low drive and lazy dog but I worked him to a moderately high level obedience. The training is not extremely fun to him though nowadays and he’s not super into ball or food really. I saw you said don’t leave toys out, so I stopped that. What advice do you have for a dog that is lazy, but smart and trainable? His focused heel is glued, no matter where I move, but it’s just not fun to him.

Traci M

Hi Robert – We introduced a GSD mix rescue into our family about 2-1/2 months ago. He is a lovely dog, gets along with our other pets- blk lab, Amstaff mix, and cats. Our Staffy however is aggressive with him. We have them living next to each other in crates, and walk them together. They are doing well, often sniffing noses with no incidents. But something triggers our Staffy and he lashes out and it’s been a full on fight. It’s less frequent now than before. What else can we do to help our Staffy accept the big guy? Our goal is for them to eventually play together. Both are about 2yrs old. Ty


Hey Robert, I rescued a 16 months old Mal from a shelter in Mexico a day before him being put down. He is trained (not very good though, I will have to do a lot here). since I work from home and I am very flexible the dog is getting plenty of time and exercise, however I am not sure what is the best for him in terms of socializing. He is now 1.5 weeks with me. I think he will need more time to get used to everything, but since I am in Mexico everything is full of street dogs and he is VERY interested in them and wants to play and sniff. Not sure if I should let him or how to correct him if not.

Diana B

Could you recommend a collar that can hide an E-collar


Should you get elevated food and drink drink bowl for Rex, who’s a German shepherd? 

Also he is on kibble at mo as only 14 weeks and we got him from breeder only 2 weeks ago – will change later. He is still mostly hand fed but we want to introduce bowl feeding ‘ Should we get slow feeder? He is very food oriented. Thanks

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