Member Questions 11-18-23


At the park I let her chase birds, squirrels etc but have been teaching her to wait for my command (quite effectively). There are a lot of cats/foxes where we live, walking on the street she will get very stimulated when she sees one. She does however listen to my commands and sits when I tell her and does not run off but she will do a yelp/bark/cry kind of thing. Should I not let her chase animals at the park? We live with a cat. I have taught her not to harm, they chase each other in a fun way, and does not bite,sometimes cries/wimpers, is this a Problem?


I have a rescue dog 2.5 years old. I am new to the site. Where can I find advice on vet visits. He is terrified of the vet exams. He had a really bad experience with a tech. After he would not go into the office. I spent 3 months doing happy visits. He is finally entering the office. The medication they gave me makes it worse. He also had a bad association with the muzzle at the office.

I am working on muzzle training him now. He still has trouble with exams. How do I get him to tolerate exams. They are terrified of him. He is not aggressive by any means. He loves people and all dogs.


Female 9yo Mal, ex mil PP dog. Recent accident caused paralysis, MRI shows congenital deformity in C1/2 vertebrae leaving spinal cord open to damage. Vets advise never to use any collars again/never play tug. 

90% recovered. Been walking on a harness with zero head control, but as harness/handles were used to agitate her in the mil, if we come across a distraction (dog etc) she can pull in front of me or redirect her frustration to me. She’s otherwise a great dog. E-collars now banned in the uk, I’m a cop so must comply. No issues before when using a slip lead for control, any advice? Thanks!

Michael M

A stray/energetic/sweet/people loving 1+ year old lab/pit bull recently adopted me. I already have 3 indoor/outdoor cats. Dog stays in my 2 acres behind an electrical fence. I want her to roam my yard but cannot as she chases cats. My routine for two months is to let her roam the yard in the morning 1 hr then put her on a 30ft leash or pen when I let cats out. In the evening, I bring the cats in and then let her have yard for an hour. I then bring her into a crate in the basement where cats live and feed them both at the same time. Cats remain petrified and dog wants to chase. Do you have any suggestions?

Mark D

I’m getting a mali puppy this weekend. I know I want to use his food for training. what do people do when they’re raw feeding?

Constantine Z

Hi Robert, thanks for answering my question last week. My puppy is a Giant Schnauzer mix and is 13 weeks old. Recently she has begun to understand what stay means, which is great! The challenge is to have her come to us when we call her, instead of coming she just sits there and then starts barking at me and running around. It appears she is confused by what I am asking of her. I tried to make it active, as you showed in one video, but it resulted in the same response. Thanks.

Nadia L

Hi Robert, I have a 4 month old GSD/ Mal puppy. She gets more excited when other people or family members come up to her than when I come up to her. Is this because I spend so much time with her that I am familiar and boring? She will not listen to commands from other people nearly as well as she listens to me though. I am concerned that she does not love me as much because of something I’m doing wrong. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hello Sir, when you do 1-1 with clients do you train dog outside the house or inside? Is there a difference on where the dog is being trained? Thank you.

Mary Ann S

Symptoms started 2 years ago. He’s a very sweet and tender fellow trained for IPO/IPG. I have fostered, owned and trained Malinois since 2003. And owned/rescued many other breeds. This is the first dog to get dementia before arthritis. He is incredibly fit and healthy. But for his brain. I have managed the behavioral changes with patience and love. It’s not his fault. Last night, he dive bombed me in my bed (he sleeps in his own) and went after my face. Common sense tells me this is the end. But how does one euthanize a dog that is otherwise so gorgeously healthy?


Hi, I have 3y GSD, preparing to start with e-collar, as he sometimes does not return quick enough in the forest. He is trained with basic commands, and in general obedient. I read a lot and watched videos how to introduce it. I struggle to properly fit it on his neck. I think it is snugg enough on the side of his neck, but it slides down. If I make it tighter, he looks as if it is too tight. Should it be tight enough so it does not slide down, or is it normal? If similar question was already answered, please just let me know in which video, I could not find it, sorry. And thank you 🙂 Monika


First big thanks for helping me with my female Akita.

I recently got 4 months old male Akita and we got a problem. He is scared of everything outside. He gets panic attack, pees and poops if I try to take him out of the yard. If I carry him he poops on my arm. I tried a slow approach for 3 weeks and barely any progress. If he sees or hears people or cars we just have setbacks. In the house he acts like a normal puppy just a bit vary of new people coming to our house. I plan to buy shelter dog course soon but right now I don’t have a way to deal with this issue. He didn’t experience any trauma.

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