Member Questions 11-26-21

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I have a case with an old lady with a big and energetic dog.

She jumps on the lady every time she comes home. She cant ignore or move forward to the dog.

Would you use e collar to cause the dog to stop jumping?

Shaun G

Hi Robert, concerning our 3 month old GSD, Titus. He guards his prized bully sticks & marrow bones to the point where he growls if you get near him or even walk by his crate. He bit my oldest, though putting his hand near his head was a really bad idea on his part. With the aggression he’s shown towards others we’re concerned and want to correct what we can before things escalate beyond our control. Our other dog will take his stuff given the opportunity. Appreciate your help!

oldsap Charlie

Hi Robert and Janet. I’m on my 3rd try following the hind leg awareness video. Re-watching the video my mistake before was that I wasn’t using a slightly elevated pot. Now it’s better, as shown in my video I’d like to ask why, when I raise my luring hand a bit and turn, my mal sits instead of just turning. Also what other things might I be doing wrong in the video? BTW the pot also helps with his leg shuffling during sit and stand. Thank you may God bless you always.


Hello Cabral, My well-behaved, 9 months working dog has only one issue:

1- Whenever I stop walking to relax in a garden/park/river or have a coffee in a bar, he becomes territorial of that place and starts barking, moving towards any dogs that pass by.

Can it be solved? If so, what are the methods (step-by-step) I can apply to fix this issue?

Would be great to see here some tutorial-videos in this regard.


I saw in a video with goofy you were testing his stay with a toy. Towards the end of the video you asked him for a “Down Stay” you then took the leash and added tension towards you. Almost to try to get him to break stay. Why use leash pressure when teaching stay? Normally when we add leash pressure we want to teach the dog to turn it off. Just wondering! I’ve seen this before but wasn’t sure what the explanation was.

Tim H

My 4 1/2 months lab mix is showing improvement in her loose leash walking but while we train 3-4 times daily we walk much more than that much of it being off leash in uninhabited areas. I’m wondering if the off leash walking or leash walking in non-training mode is counter productive to her learning to be a better loose leash walker?


Hi, Robert, thanks for answering my previous question. But I am a bit concerned about his biting-he bites with growling and keeps biting my arm or leg with a very strong and hurtful bite. I understand that puppies bite and nip, but growling and very hurtful even aggressive biting, is it normal? He is almost 12 weeks and this aggressive biting happens during a calm walk, during play or just suddenly. Would it be possible to have a session/consultation with you? Thank you!

Willie O

HAPPY TGIVING! I have a 5 month old gsd and great pyrenees mix. At 4 months we had him boarded for obedience training for two weeks to give us a better foundation to train him on. After picking him up, the trainers showed us he knew “heel”, “sit/stay”, and “down” at a high level. They introduced the prong to him, showed us how to correct him and how to move forward. The problem we are having is once we take the prong off he is a totally different dog. Do we start from the basics with a long lead?


Hello, my 6 month old puppy is incredibly reactive to other dogs. If she sees them at all even when far away she barks and growls uncontrollably. If she knows the dogs she can play with them fine. How do I handle this? I have another dog that is very social and I like to bring her to dog parks. Will I never be able to take my new puppy to a dog park?

Jake O

Hi Robert, How do you go about fading the ball under the armpit or magnet ball on the shoulder properly so that the dog does not rely on it? Thank you again for your help. God bless!


I am fighting with my partner regarding our training approach on our 9 months, working-dog:

For my partner it’s ok to frequent dog-parks, let our dog “greet” other dogs when on a leash and she is totally against structure, obedience. From my part, I am the complete opposite. She is not willing to know more and for the sake of our relationship I am done keeping arguing with her everyday.

My question is:

Will I still be able to train our dog and achieve good results?

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