Member Questions 11-29-21

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Hi Robert, thanks for all the great content. How do you think about the progression of loose leash walking with puppies?

1.) During the early socialization period (8~16 weeks), I’d imagine it’s not fair to expect a puppy to walk very nicely on leash in public when they’re very stimulated, so would you throw a harness on them so they’re not constantly getting accustomed to leash pressure?

2.) What’s the right age to start pushing for loose leash walking using 180 turns and leash pops?


My last question you said I’ve done a good job with my pup, I wanted to say WE did a good job. We wouldn’t be where we are without your help- THANK YOU! Now my question… 16mo Boerboel is in every sense of the phrase a velcro dog. At my feet in the bathroom, waiting outside the shower, I switch couches – she switches couches. When she discerns I’m leaving she becomes anxious and whiney. How do I stop this?


Hi Robert and Janet,

I have a 9 m/o mal and we’re struggling with him nipping (playfully) at new people and a lot of leash reactivity. Our trainer told us to correct him using leash pops on a flat collar or with a little “hit” right behind the ribs. Sometimes my dog reacts badly to those last corrections barking or even growling at me (particularly when he’s frustrated)

I’m afraid it could escalate and I don’t want to do the wrong thing

with him

Also, should I strongly correct the nipping ?


I am training my new puppy to go potty in one certain area in our yard. Instead of using a leash, I am using an enclosed area with a metal pen. She goes to the bathroom great in the pen, but whenever she has free reign in the yard, she still uses the restroom just anywhere… Instead of going to her spot. When I catch her doing it, I tell her no and put her into her pen and tell her to go potty. It still doesn’t seem like she’s quite getting it though. Wondering if you have any suggestions??

Brian S

Hi Robert, I have listened to your podcasts on finding a good breeder and better understand how do that now. A neighbor adopted a GSD from a breeder about 100 miles away from where we live in Louisville, KY. She recommends the breeder and I have found their dogs on the pedigree database website. They check out as far as I can tell and communications with the breeder have been good. They don’t list on the AKC puppy website which I used for our 1st dog though. Is that a concern?


My friend has a 2 year old female golden doodle that whines (not barking) ALL the time while in the car He has tried a crate with a Kong etc and she pays no attention to it She is a very submissive dog who loves everything and everybody and e-collar trained She is very pressure sensitive and does not require a firm correction I heard you say you use a bark collar on Mya in the car Do they work for whining and would you recommend one in this situation?


My dogs just turned 2, he’s a border collie and he lunges, barks and if he gets close enough will snap. He has only done this in the last year but now it’s getting worse as he has snapped at a couple of people when they go to stroke him. I need help


Hello, my dog is highly reactive to other dogs. I’ve tried positive reinforcement but when she gets stressed she won’t take any food even high value rewards. Will she ever be able to meet and enjoy other dogs? Will I ever be able to take her to a dog park? Or do I just manage the aggression and stay away?

Pandora L

I’ve been evicted after selling my house. I am staying on an acreage property until I can move interstate which I can’t do because of Covid border closure. There are foxes on the property. My 3 yr old GSD goes ballistic at night, smelling and seeing foxes. He barks incessantly and has ripped the flyscreen on the bedroom door which leads outside, trying to get to the foxes. Where we came from there were no foxes. The owner is getting really pee-ed off. Help please! Thank you.

Bobby B

Having trouble getting puppy to walk on a leash. It just wants to run back to the porch and go inside. Have tried treats to follow and it works for a few minutes, it’s wearing a Martin Gale collar.


Hi, I have a 4 month gsd puppy. We currently are keeping a leash on her indoors trying to make her get used to being leashed anytime she is out of her crate. Unfortunately she tangles herself on it, which irritates her making her bite at it. She also seems to like chewing on the leash. When i walk her outside for a bathroom break, if she tangles herself she will spend the next few minutes biting at the leash. When i try to untangle her she gets more irritated and mouths my hand or continues holding onto the leash. I suspect she doesn’t like me picking up her leash from the floor any applying tension to get her to follow me as well. What is the remedy to fix her behavior? I’ve grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and firmly said to knock it off. It sometimes works, but I don’t want to damage our relationship with these hard corrections. Currently we crate her without a collar, and then attach the leash with martingale collar as a prerequisite to come out of her crate.

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