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Hi Robert, Thankyou for your sound advice with the riding crop. Patra knows what it is now and has made huge progress .She is a 7 month old pitbull with High prey drive as you very well know. My question is, how do I ween her off of the prong collar? This is the only tool that keeps her in check whenever we go on a walk.Without it she is a total mess. Its literally like day&night. With it on she needs absolutely NO corrections.She pays no attention to anything after its on, no chickens no barking dogs behind fences,no piece of trash on the street.A different dog entirely! 



Sir, I have a 9-week-old GSD, and in my home, I am the person that does the bulk of the training and handling of the dogs. After a week with our new puppy, it is clear he looks for me and follows me around and whins if I leave the room and he can not get to me. I have older dogs that are recuses and they too follow me and look for me but I have not had a puppy before. I do not want to cause any issues when my GSD gets bigger. Should I be concerned or do anything different to prevent any future issues like separation or resource guarding?


A 15 months rescued Bouvier (125 pounds) is very mouthy in the house and on leash. He will jump up and bite the leash and/or snap the family member. He is a danger to his family and to any handlers. Could I use a stimulation collar to correct the behaviors and if so, how. Any other suggestions to correct the dog. I’m afraid he is going to be put down, the family is afraid of him.

Shloak M

Hi, my American Pitbull Terrier/ Boxer mix will pull on the leash when going on walks to go and try sniff different scents throughout the walk. I tried taking her on a long walk with a prong collar and giving slight corrections with no verbal queue every time she walked on the grass and then marked and rewarded everytime she steps on the sidewalk. She seems to be learning pretty fast but I was wondering if this is the right approach. I don’t want to agitate her or make walking a bad experience. She is not prong collar reactive thanks to your YT vids. And she will come running when brought out!

Daniel J

Hi! I have a male 5 year old German Shepherd that will bark at dogs at a distance, and a 7m female German Shepherd that lunges and barks at other dogs. They’re great with kids adults, and any loud noises (fireworks, thunder etc)

Reuben N

What hand gestures do you use for sit, lay down, and stand


My 11mo Mal bites his cloth cage covers and now is biting the cage itself. Recently chipped a tooth. He’s been eating most of his meals in the cage since 2mo old and sleeping there at night. He usually fine when we’re home, but when we leave, this behavior starts and won’t even touch his frozen kong. I’ve tried highest level stim (Garmin XC ecollar) when catching him in the act on remote video on 3 occasions, but he’s shrugged it off. Got an expensive RuffLand cage recently, and now he’s gouging the walls with his teeth. Would really appreciate advice on stopping this

Denis N

Hi Robert, my 13 month old Lab, sheds a lot of hair. When he rides in the car, or sleeps in our room, he leaves behind a significant amount of hair. Though his fur is still thick and intact. I noticed that this is all year round and not just seasonal. Is this normal? Is there a remedy for this?

Ann S

Because of unforeseen medical issues, I can’t interact with my pack physically like I’d like to . I try to keep them moving with Chuck it stick , swimming, tease poll . I need some ideas of things to do for their mind stim , . I probably lean more towards the pack work and tend to neglect some of the needed 1 on 1 . What rules and structure do you recommend for flirt pole ? BTW. If I hadn’t discovered you , I probably would have had little luck working my gorgeous Raven into my pack . I bit off more than I could chew 🥴. My shepxmalmute turned into a shepxmalnoise! Thanks 4 ur guidance!


I have a 19 week old pup. Got her early as I rehabilitate squirrels and birds etc. She knows all basic commands & I have worked with her on vet visits I.e opening her mouth, being able to see in her ears, checking between her paws, nail clipping…also worked on resource guarding, biting etc. I have two other smaller terrier type dogs too. They are allowed on my bed and as a pup so was she. I am discouraging this & have only recently started with lead training. She is very nervous of strange dogs & the nervousness of loud noises etc seems to be getting worse so she doesn’t listen now? Help!


Hey Robert! I got my 2.5 year old Mal, Loki during the pandemic and he tends to try and follow me around to every room including the bathroom. I just picked up a new e-collar and plan to put the bungee cord on it like you demonstrate in your video to make sure it stays fitted properly. My question is, Loki tends to scratch at my bedroom door, which tears the paint when my girlfriend and I are alone in there (usually if he hears us laughing, etc if he feels left out of the fun). Would it be a good idea to set up training scenarios like this using the e-collar for distanced corrections?

Beth D

Hi Robert, I have a 2 1/2 y lab, 7 month GSD and 11 y lab. When playing ball the gsd slipped, yelped and was limping. I went over to him calmly to see what happened did not make a big deal and the younger lab got excited and tried to nip at him. Then the older lab got involved. I was able to get them both in a down, the gsd was fine, but was taken back by the sudden behavior. It happened so quickly. They all get along, do not play unattended, well behaved, obedience class for the younger two. What happened? Concerned I am missing something with the relationship between all and need to correct!


Hello Janet and Robert, I recently picked up a 1yo foster dutchie, who has so much potential but hasn’t been taught much in life. Right now she has 0 toy drive and doesn’t even know what a ball is. Do you have any tips for building ball or tug drive?


Hi Robert, how would you train indifference towards other dogs and/or people. Context: our adolescent malinois likes us and normally has good focus on us, but also likes to “meet” other dogs or people. We’d like to see him more indifferent towards others, leaving him mostly or purely focussed on us. Thanks for your advice!


Howdy, Robert & Janet! 

Thanks for running these AMA’s. 

I took my 19 week-old Border Terrier for a longer-than-planned hike in the hills today. We walked around six miles over two hours with an elevation gain of around 800 feet, through light snow. By the end of the hike, she was dashing in front of me and sitting down. While she kept going, she did seem a bit tired. 

Questions: Did I push her too far? When is it too cold to take a 4-6 month old puppy for an extended walk? When is it too cold to take a small dog (not a Husky) for an extended walk? 

Thanks for all you guys do! 

— Jack

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