Member Questions 11-5-21

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I have a 6 month old Belgian Malinois that gets very mouthy when I cut his toenails. He knows what “no bite” means but still tries to literally grab my hand and pull it off of his paws when I try to trim his nails. What do you recommend to do to train him to allow me to do this without it being such a battle? Thank you so much and I really enjoy your videos!! Very helpful!!


Hi Robert, I’m trying to help my friends with their 6 month old male Golden doodle. When we’re at the park he’s snapping at other dogs if they get near him while he’s busy with a ball or even sniffing mud. I thought that it could be because he’s close to his parents, but I took his leash and walked him away from them. He started sniffing the mud and the minute another dog got near him (both on leash) he snapped again. Your advice is always appreciated. Thank you!

Linda H

I will get my puppy a Aussiedoddle in a week. To take her out every few hours I want to use a slip lead. She will weigh about 8 pounds at 8 weeks max 35 pounds. I cannot find one small enough. I know this sounds trivial but to me it is very important. Recommendations? I did order the collar and leash you recommended but they are way too big for now. I do not have a fenced yard.

Naomi K

Your advice on my reactive 16 mo GSD biting a leash after passing by a dog – give her distance, have her sit and once she gets relaxed, resume walk – is working well. But there is a reactive dog with a long line in someone’s front yard. When we see this dog, my dog holds sit but will not relax since the other dog is staying there barking and lunging. How should I work through this? Now my dog can pass by a reactive dog as long as it’s passing, also ignores a barking dog behind the fence.

Jessica F

Hi Mr. Cabral. I have a 5yr old female rescued Weimer. (Rescued at two) She is wonderful in every way to our family, but nips at other people who come over to our house without warning. She doesn’t bark, growl, or show any sign of aggression before she bites – she is very sneaky about it, but has now moved from nipping to biting and break skin. We now keep her in a kennel when people are over for liability and safety. Can training be done to limit this behavior if I put the work in? If so, how?

Tim P

Robert, thank you for sharing your philosophy on appropriate use of e-collar (my AMA query of 11-02-21) in which you opined zapping is for blocking a dog’s predatory kill, but not for being curious or being instigated to another dog. In the latter case when “being instigated to another dog’s provocation” (defense), what is the appropriate action – get away immediately? When you first got Myra you said you repeatedly correct her dog reactivity in dog shows. What specific corrections did you make?


I have a 7-month female German Shepherd. During on-leash walks she wants to approach people. Her body is loose and wiggly; ears laid back and tail in full wag. When I see a person approaching and I anticipate her desire to wander in that direction, I call her name for attention and she returns to my side. We continue walking and I don’t stop or let her approach people. Will she grow out of this behavior, or am I motivating her desire by denying social interaction with other people on walks?


Hi Robert! I have a 10-MO Vizsla puppy. Martingales do nothing for her in terms of corrections when we are on a walk or doing obedience, only a head halter works. Lately I have been considering a prong collar. What’s your position on keeper collars? Have you ever used one? I saw them on Leerburg, but I don’t know if the mechanics would be the same as a regular prong collar.

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