Member Questions 12-03-21

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I have a rescue puppy who has a lot of timidity / anxiety. She is very comfortable with me, but has a lot of anxiety in other areas like with new people and dogs. She is doing better at coming when called, as I have been training her with treats, but still sometimes she will not do it and will run away from me when I need to get a handle on her. She and her sister are both more shy and tend to run away when trying to be handled. It makes getting her to come more difficult. Any suggestions??


Hey Robert my Mal’s training has declined since he’s been bombarded by off leash dogs recently. His recall is horrible now and indoors when I give commands he’ll wait as long as possible before listening. I know Mals can be stubborn but sometimes it takes 2-3 corrections. I’ve considered leaving his prong on indoor at all times (he won’t let me take it off inside without biting me, outside he’s fine). When retraining recall and things, is it the same concept as teaching a puppy or dif. approach?


When I go for a regular walk with my reactive GSD he is always on a loose leash and has limited breaks in which he can sniff, pee, etc. But while hiking or when we go on an excursion, he is always very excited and I let him do what he wants (pull, sniff, etc.) Is that bad? Should I limit our walk there too?

Danny E

My 4 yr old Female gsd attacked my new 3 mo. old male gsd pup after 30 days of positive fun interaction. I have no idea what the trigger was. The emergency vet initially thought his jaw was broken but later confirmed it was not. They have not had physical contact for a week now, but I’m at a loss how to reintroduce positive engagement without fear of another incident. Both were laying calmly on the floor when the pup got up and started walking to his crate when she jumped up and attacked.

Pandora L

Thanks for answering a question about my 3 yr old GSD. I’m in Aus. Prong/Bark collars illegal. Can’t keep door closed because it is too hot. Understand strong prey drive. He has a crate but barks in crate at this property. Can’t leave him in it until he stops barking owner gets annoyed especially at 4am. At home no issue. I have him on a line now in the bedroom. I close the door as soon as he is aware of foxes and correct. Also tried putting him in car until he calms down. Helps. Thank you both. Appreciated a lot.


I have a 3month old Mali (Cody)

When watching one of your videos, you mentioned dogs chasing their tail is bad. He has been tested for worms. We are on a 300ac farm so he gets plenty of activity and training. He is always with me, so it shouldn’t be separation anxiety. Although I can’t even go into another room without him following and crying if He can’t. What else should I look for that would cause this and what should I do?

Lily C

Hi Robert, this is a question about one of our rescue dog from the humane society I volunteer with. We rescued two female dogs who had puppies with the same male dog. At the vet, they accidentally switched the mother dog into the wrong kennel of puppies, and one of them killed 3 of the other mom’s puppies. Do you think this was a sign of aggression(screw lose in the head) or do mother dogs exhibit such behaviors knowing those aren’t her puppies? Thanks!


Hi, My dog ridgeback ​2 yr improved greatly in reactivity towards dogs, I practiced with a long leash, going back 180 degrees when he starts staring at dogs. My question- is it right to play with a reactive dog with a high prey drive with ball games and chase games with toys? Can this have an impact on behavior on trips? I noticed that after such games, he is in higher arousal, trying to pee on every tree he sees after he see dogs and start a prey Drive mood. Any tips? Thanks


Hello, I have a one year old Doberman and am trying to teach him fetch. I am following your ‘Fetch Video One’ lesson and am using two of the same chuck it balls. I try to get him interested in the one I have so he drops the other one, but for the life of him he won’t. I moved him to a non distracting area, I am enthusiastic with the one I have, I do not play tug with him, I even tried correcting him, but he will not drop it. Sometimes he will just stand there and stare at me. Thank you!

Naomi K

Loved the new video with Max but I have a question. In your other reactive dog videos, you were doing about turns as a dog approaches another dog. But with Max Joey kept walking without turns, just correcting Max as it was needed. Is that because Max was in a real world situation with the reactive dog as opposed to in other videos dogs were doing exercise with a balanced dog like Jimi? Will my doing 180 turns as we pass by another dog make things more suspicious to my dog reactive GSD? Thanks.

Brian S

Our 1 year old Lab has been very interested in our adult cats since we brought him home at 9 weeks. He’s not aggressive with them but the cats don’t want him to bother them. We have used baby gates to section off the house and (very) slowly expanded the area he’s allowed to go in. We do this mainly to better provide better structure for him but it also allows the cats to get away when they want since they can jump over the gates. Do you have any suggestions longer term than we can use?

Heather L

5 mo old GSD. Well behaved, our only issue is that she is OBSESSED with chasing her tail. She is exercised daily. We have taken her to the vet and they do not see anything medically wrong. We tell her no and she will stop for a minute and then goes for it again. We have been working on it for 4 weeks now. I don’t know what to do to get her to stop. Anytime that she is allowed free play she chases it like a crazy dog. She doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Help us get her to stop. It happens ALL the time!

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