Member Questions 12-23-22

Amanda C

Hi Robert, Thanks so much for your videos, they have been very helpful. What are your recommendations with feeding dogs in a multi dog household. I have a GSD puppy I am handfeeding and a 4 year old large hound mix who eats out of a bowl. I know I should feed my older dog first, but do dogs see hand feeding as special treatment? How should I do this in a way both dogs will see as fair? I dropped some kibble on the ground the other day and the puppy growled at my older dog. I imagine this comes from littermates fighting for food, but I want to prevent any resource guarding issues.


Hi Robert & Janet 

Luke, my 18mth GSD neutered male goes to day care 3x a week, still gets the zoomies when he gets home SO MUCH energy BUT plays gentle with his newly adopted brother 12 lb Standard Poodle male(calm) and a 6 lb Bernadoodle female (hyper). In the backyard there are distractions for all. I constantly watch for any conflicting behavior. Inside we segregate the pups in their “room”. But I let all interact for a few hours before their bedtime also. The 6 lb Bernadoodle dosent share and takes toys etc. from both males. Should I interfere or let them figure out their order?

Eric M

My Kelpie was attacked by two dogs in my neighborhood around age 1 and up to that point he was a wonderful balanced friendly dog but became highly leash aggressive after the attack. he’s now 4 and through this site and lots of hard work we have made slow but good headway but we have had multiple run in’s with off leash dogs over the last 18 months and it feels like he and I get a setback every time. Is there still hope? we are both certainly frustrated. Thanks for the help you’ve given us already. Eric and Ned

Kelly P

I have a 9 week old female Cane Corso. She has done very well with getting her name, sit, leave it and is doing well on leash. We have had her 10 days and she seems to do very well at the items I mentioned. I have tried for 3 days to lure her into the down position. I do the nose to toes and have been patient however she just cant seem to get it. I am wondering is there maybe an issue where she just cant physically do the down with the nose to toes or is there another way to train her on this? Thanks in advance!!

Kimberly F

When I was walking my dog opal around the neighborhood a loose dog came up and started biting her . Opal then started biting back . The owners of the loose dog were across the street and shortly picked up the other dog. After this happened she has been lunging at dogs behind fences . She also tried to bite a dog I tried to introduce to her after this happened. She has always been nice to other dogs before . She also tried to bite a dog she had gotten along with before . What can I do to create a positive association with dogs again ? She is a German shepherd mix .

Chris T

We have a 10 week GSD puppy who has been great with obedience but seems to get aggressive/dominant after play when drives get up. We do everything to calm his biting, offer toys, say no, stay standing, display a calm behavior, give a little tug on his collar. His biting has been very aggressive and has broken skin on our hands. Is this a normal puppy phase? Is there corrective action we should take this early? In general he is doing fantastic, however his aggressive behavior to bite us in drive is concerning. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for everything!


?? Hi Robert, Hi Janet. It’s been awhile since my last question. I have been diligent training my malinois Toby and JRT Daisy. Things are going really well. Question is for next year when Toby becomes a full adult. They get along very well and as you said, I micromanage their playtime. So no problem so far. But, I see that Toby is getting rough playing with JRT Daisy as she is small. Should I get another big dog for Toby to play with ? Thank you for your teaching. Grace

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