Member Questions 12-30-23

David C

I am doing a follow up to your statements and contacted the breeder. He is aware I would prefer a lower drive puppy and has no problem facilitating that. Thank you for that information to ask. He said that 12 hours is absurd and be careful what and whom you’re reading from. He has been a breeder of Mal’s for over 35 years and says they make amazing family dogs. He said the bonding at first is very important and that I need to make sure the dog knows I am the Alpha. I mentioned I signed up with you and he said those are great training tools. Looking forward to getting him in March.


We have work to do. In our presence our huskies watch, listen and have good recall and get along with our cats, chickens, rabbits and horse. In our absence, however, one likes to unalive our chickens. That’s it. The troublesome one can pass CGC, and was at a level with my service dog in public – long distance sit, stays, consistent recall, calm demeaner, no sniffing or licking, non reactive to people, machinery, animals, dogs, fireworks, etc.

How do we begin to safely train our huskies to be at ease around free ranging prey in our absence? I have foster huskies who have learned it fast.


Hello, I have a female 8 month German shepherd, am working with her on her commands. She does listen to me when we are alone but when my boyfriend comes to visit she whines she don’t listen she jumps on him he nips him jumps on the counter… etc.I have no experience on training and am been watching your videos which are great ! What can I do ; how can I redirect her every time this happens? Thanks!

Traci M

Hello Robert,
Our Amstaff Mix and GSD mix (rescue) are getting along a lot better than when I submitted my last question to you a few months ago. However our Amstaff resource guards agains the GSD. It can be anything. He is responding to commands to stop when he goes after the GSD so that is good progress. They sniff same areas, walk and hang out together nicely. What steps can we take to help desensitize him, getting him to settle down? Our GSD is starting to back off when he gets grumbly. We’ve had our GSD since July. Both are young – 2-3 yrs old. 
Thank you so much for this platform!


Hi Robert, I have a GSD bitch (almost 2). I got her in Aug from a protection breeder in the UK, she was advertised as having not made the cut, I suspect due to lacking nerve, she had no training when I got her. She has a very sweet nature with people and now has an excellent sit/down/come thanks to your videos! She is my only dog in the household, however she has met multiple dogs in the house with no signs of aggression at all. My problem lies out on walks, she recently started intermittently lunging/barking at dogs when out-not everytime, please can you advise, Thanks Heidi.


Hi, I have an 8 month old border collie. I have a flat collar that I use on walks but sometimes the pulling can become obsessive in some cases when approaching other dogs or people, utilizing the ‘collie stare’ I’ve heard so much about. Would you recommend changing the collar along with the other distraction methods to mitigate the stare? Eg martingale or others or should I stick with the flat collar and trust he’ll focus more on me with the methods you’ve mentioned before to me i.e distract with ball or food etc. thanks for all your help this year and all the best for 2024!

Lori F

The dog is part great pyrenees about 4.5 years and won’t play but loves treats. What steps do you do in trying to figure out what works.

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