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Katerina P

I have a pack of 3 dogs (Chow mix male & 2 females GSD and Mal).All

rescues. I noticed that my Mal is herding my GSD when she would go

bark at a squirrel; or dogs are going from one level to another. Mal

is pretty dominant, but not aggressive with dogs. She would “herd”

neighbor’s Border Collie & she doesn’t let some dogs sniff her. I took

courses on engagement, basic/advanced obedience, competitive heeling

with her. Should I train her on ecollar and use it to correct unwanted

behavior (she is good with verbal corrections) or do I lack some

leadership and have to make changes there? Thanks

John P

I fear my dog is becoming too dependent on treats. She knows when I

have them and is getting more selective with her listening. I’ve been

trying to alternate treats with verbal/physical praise for listening

but she’s not the most affectionate dog – a lot of the time I go to

pet her and say “good girl!” she tries to dodge it and gets ready to

play. She’s 1.5 years old so I’m wondering if I should worry or just

always have treats on me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hi. My wife & I live in Thailand. We have a 2 year old female Thai

ridgeback/others mix, that we got from a shelter when she was 6

months. She was found on the street with siblings around 2-3 months

old. She’s sweet & relaxed with us in the house/yard. In the outside

world she is unsure & easily spooked depending on environment. At the

Vet/Vet shop she is curious & not at all unsure. Fine also on jungle

walks. In the car she gets stressed unless exercised. During walks on

the street in town she checks out, listening & observing the

surroundings a lot.

Any hands on tips to increase confidence?


My AB Duckie is 6mo. She has never been very playful. She’s hyper when

food is around. She’ll spin circles for her bowl. She won’t play with

toys but will scavenge for any food like we never feed her. Recently

though, we had her at a friend’s house with a male bulldog and she was

like a totally different dog. This friend doesn’t live close and my

Dobie isn’t interested in playing like they play. Do I keep doing what

we’re doing? Do I try to find an older male AB? Perhaps a rescue? Also

is the constant scavenging for food normal? How do we curb that? She

isn’t food aggressive at all.

Lisa & Aren

I just watched the video on health and safety. Which brings me to another important question. We have a 9 months, very confident german

shepherd. We are now having a hard time to make a decision if we want

to neuter him. My father trained unneutered shepherds and never did

have a problem. But we are new to this and have two female neighbor

dogs and live in native bush. What is your approach on this and



Hi there, my question is I have 5 miniature schnauzers and on Saturday

getting a Belgian malinois, my schnauzers are well behaved except can

be reactive when people knock or pass my door, I understand this is

partially due to the breed. Please can you advise how I can prevent

the Belgian Malinois puppy from picking up this behaviour.

Further my dogs sleep in the same room with me and aren’t crate

trained, I’ve watched your advice, and will be crate training the

belgian malinois should I have this in a separate room to my other

dogs or not?

Thank you, I really would appreciate any and all info


My 13 month old pit bull / shepherd rescue really likes other dogs.

He’s fascinated by them and when he meets them face to face he’s

confident and does well. He can be barked at and he doesn’t do


However, every single time we see another dog on a walk, he gets down

in a low stalking position as we approach. If I stop, he will lay down

and wait and mostly holds a stay as the other dog and person walk by.

He just stares at them with complete focus.

90 percent of other dogs seem fine with this stalking. But many humans

don’t like it.

Should I try to stop this? If so, how?


My 3.5 month old Malimoise Poppie barks when we are training. He ends

up obeying the command, but I wanted to know if this is normal or if I

should correct him.


Hi Robert, do you have any chew recommendations for cleaning my dogs

teeth? I was holding a bully stick for 10 mins a day to help clean his

back teeth along with brushing but he gets soft stools from them. I’d

like to find an alternative chew that doesn’t do this. Also, how often

do you brush your dogs teeth? Do you suggest a specific brand of

toothpaste? I use Virbac enzymatic toothpaste. Thank you!


My almost 10 months old male Malinois pup (i got him unsocialized from

a shelter when he was 4 months old) keeps wandering off in the park

and sniffs around etc. He moves away maybe up to 40 meters and has a

maybe 60-70% recall. How do i get my dog to stick around closer? I try

to be fun and engage him in play, but he has a rather low drive and

reacts half hearted to my attempts. I try to feed him high quality

treats when he is with me. After eating them he wanders off again

though . I suspect it’s a bonding issue. How do i improve our


Pedro and Linda

Both my wife and me are elderly (66 and 70) and have two smaller dogs

(female rat terrier mix and male chihuahua mix (she is 5 and he is 10

and both “fixed” inside dogs. We found a 10 week old abandon puppy in

a grocery store. He is auss shepard/GSD mix, male and NOT fixed.

Because of his size we are having to keep him outside in a kennel

because he has high prey drive toward the little ones. The big puppy

is such a loving and non aggressive but the older ones are afraid of

him due to his size and snare around him. If we can get him to get

along we will have to rehome him. Please help us!


Boyfriend brought home 2 male blue healer puppies. We already had a 7

yr old male healer & 6yo female mutt. One puppy was aggressive and

fought with 7 yr healer (after attacking his brother ) They’ve all

been separated since (original dogs are together ). I want to

reintroduce 7 yr to the non aggressive puppy (he’s now 1.5yo). How

should I go about this? They are both a little fearful. Was thinking

taking them for walk in neutral territory. We all live in the same

house. Any insight would be appreciated.

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