Member Questions 2-3-24

Here are this week’s member Questions… Enjoy!


Hi Robert, we are based in Melbourne, Aus, and have had a holiday to New Zealand planned before we got our little Zayna. At the time when we will be leaving, she will be 17 weeks. I’m considering to cancel the holiday. What are your thoughts on impacts to the puppy if we left her with a dog sitter during those 2 weeks of our holiday?


Hello, my mal is 1 yr 4 mo old. Currently uses a sprenger pinch collar when walking anywhere on a leash. Does well – no pulling and non reactive when walking and passing people and other dogs. Anytime we are headed back to our car or senses we are headed back to the car (whether from a hike, walk in town, anything that involves leaving the car & eventually heading back) he becomes very anxious. He will begin pulling the leash, start whining and do an anxious pace back and forth while walking. When we approach the car or he sees it he will just want to b-line it to the car. How do I stop this?

Richard S

How to work with putting a collar & harness on when the dog ( 6+ yo) runs & avoids me. When outside she won’t come in when called, only when she wants. The warmer it is, the longer she stays out. I have run out of options and I do not want to aggravate her previous trauma. This also has kept her from seeing her vet and getting shots. I have had her just over a year now and she has calmed down, but still hides in the bedroom or when out side, will walk away from me when I walk around the yard. Unfortunately, medical & other appointments get canceled as unable to get her inside. Help! Thanks!

Elliot D

Big fan. I have a 18 mo Carolina Dog. She is pretty well trained. I use praise, cookies and E collar. She has a very strong prey drive. No issues with running away and she has a good recall. The problem is, she is always sniffing the ground to the point if she gets a good scent she looses all of her training,(hard headed). Should I use the ECollar as a correction? I don’t want to confuse her and I really don’t know what I am explaining to her that I want her to do. I hope that makes sense. Basically, how do I get her to pay attention to me when on a scent I don’t want her to go with? Thanks


My neighbor’s border collie ran out of their open door and accosted my wife and our 2 dogs (35 and 45#) in our doorway as we returned home on leash. The dogs got into it, and all 3 came away with some scratches and bites. Our dogs were really shaken up, and a month later they continue to be really reactive and fearful of the neighbor dog. If they hear him outside, if they see him from 2 blocks away, or if they go into the backyard at the same time, they will bark, snarl, and get really worked up. Are any steps I can take either alone or together with the neighbors to try to get past this? TY!!


I have a 10 month old Malinois, which is very well behaved, but he never gets out of the way when you walk in corridor and he lies there, you always need to step over him. Additionally he always runs in front of us in the house or just bumps in to us, stands on our feet, etc. Any advice?

Collin K

The trainer I’m going through is telling me to use a prong along side an e-collar to help manage the fear aggression my pitty has towards other dogs. When I use it, it seems as if the tools I am using just amplifies his aggression. I use a e-collar technologies et400 and during group class I was told to start him at a level 50. There have been times I have got him up to 100 and he still pushes through and ignores it. Sometimes I feel as if the tools are over used so he just ignores them. What should I do?

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