Member Questions 3-01-22

Yelena P.

Hi Robert, I think you once said that you would not recommend e-collars for reactive/aggressive dogs. Is that true ? If so, can you explain why? I have been training my GSD to accept other dogs for a year now. Of course, I’ve come a lot further than I did a year ago. But lately we are not making any more progress. I am currently using a prong collar. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that, as you’ve explained once, it often just makes the situation worse. Unfortunately, though, I’m dependent on the prong collar because otherwise, if he wanted to pull, I wouldn’t be able to hold him – I can’t fight against his weight. I was once advised to spray a little water on him as a correction during his aggressive reaction… I did it out of desperation – it really helped – he stopped immediately and sat dutifully in front of the dog. I kind of realized that I just never reach him with prong collar correction or even just make it worse. Of course I don’t want to continue with the water. I have therefore considered using an e-collar for the corrections. What is your opinion on this? Best regards from Austria (Yes, prong collars and e-collars are not allowed here, but that won’t stop me from helping my dog)

Didi Y

Hi Robert and Janet, 7 month old female GSD, has been good leash walk with gentle leader. however, if she sees a dog even far away, she would start barking/lunging towards the dog. I tried to pull her away & gave her “leave it” “quiet” & “sit” commands. It usually took a few minutes to calm her down. How do I correct this? Thank you!


At agility practice as I was on my way out with my dog another dog ran up behind us from across the building trapping us in a corner. Although this dog’s intentions probably weren’t aggressive my dog, who is a little anxious anyway, lost her mind. I was between the dogs and stayed there until the other dog’s owner was able to get to her dog and the dogs didn’t make contact. Bystanders didn’t know what to do to remove the other dog from the situation. Any advice for defusing such a situation?


Hello Sir Robert.

I would like to ask… what will be the first thing to do when your puppy arrives at your home? For the first week, what would be his training structure? Is it good to take him out for a walk in our area in his 1st week with me? Thank you very much


I grew up in Germany where it’s illegal to neuter dogs unless for medical reasons. I now live in the UK where vets push for neutering all dogs without any discussion. I know you’re not a vet but I wonder if you would spay every female regardless of issues? My BC’s seasons are unproblematic, she’s very friendly and I think she is perfect. She can be nervous in very loud and busy places and I’m aware that spaying can increase the anxiety. Do you think it’s ok to leave her intact? Thank you.

Matthew R

13 week old Belgian shepherd, chases the cat and a couple times he has bitten her, it seemed aggressive. We have tried holding them both in our laps and got them acquainted to one another. But Odin ” the puppy” always wants to chase her through the house or any time we’re trying to train outside. We worry that he will hurt her. Training is going well thanks to all your videos. He can sit, stand down and leave it And ring a bell for outside. Working on place, and Socializing. Thanks for everything


Robert Thank you for answering my previous question about Wally. I would like to get some one on one with you even if its a couple of classes Wally served in the Netherlands Police and has 33 confirmed arrests. I wouldn’t mind to drive to your location for you to evaluate Wally. He is well behaved but I think he needs to get evaluated so I can get proper advise on how to continue his training. We love Wally and we are willing to do whatever it takes to help him stop destroying things in the house.

Sarah M

Hi Robert, recently my 10 month old Aussie has started wining in the mornings. I feel like he is wanting to go straight to play and if I want to stay inside where it is warm and drink my coffee he wines inside and outside. I don’t want to cave and play with him but ignoring it is not working either. I was thinking I could try to get ahead of the wining by not giving him a chance and going straight to an activity but I’d like the tools to stop it on those mornings I want to relax. Thank you!!

Ed (Ronin Dog)

Hi Robert. Could you talk a little bit about the so called fear period starting at 6 months, what to be mindful of and so forth? My Rottie pup is now 8 months. Thank you so much!


Hello ! Thank you for all the great content. I watch and/or listen to you everyday!

My question is : Can dogs be breed selective and dislike certain breeds (ie: all greyhounds) and can a dog dislike all black dogs ?


Hi Robert my 2 yr GSD is having surgery in 3 weeks on her eyes. She was fearful during her exam tolerating it but would still growl when approached so the vet would like her muzzled when she goes in for her surgery. She has never been muzzled and I don’t want to add to her anxiety by slapping one on the day of surgery. I want to get her comfortable with it first. Any tips to help prepare her and what muzzle do you recommend? Thank you for your advice.

Andy L

My 1.5yr old dog pulls on the leash incessantly during walks. I have tried every technique to get him to stop but nothing has worked on him. I’ve been trying for an entire year during every walk. He will sometimes behave but as soon as he sees another dog he goes berserk. What else can I try?


Hey Robert! I know you said before that mals can be a bit sassy, growling or grumbling when given a command at times. I was wondering how you’d deal with frustration behaviors? For ex: at times when my 2 y/o mal gets in bed with me and I want space, I tell him to get down and go to his bed. He often growls and snaps near my pointing finger (it doesn’t seem he intends to actually bite it as he always misses without me moving it). Just wondering how you’d handle this, (it’s almost always indoors)

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