Member Questions 3-16-24

Colin W

I’ve got a 5 year desexed male (Mal/kelpie cross; 30kg) and a 7 month old working line intact female GSD (about 25kg). They get on great, but recently the older male dog has been trying to mount and, to put it bluntly, do the act, with the female GSD. As he’s desexed, of course, nothing can come of it, but in terms of their interaction should I intervene? I’ve tried to let them work out their relationship up to now. But is this something I should be stopping? She doesn’t seem to mind, but when she comes into season it may get worse. So I’m wondering what to do now.


I found my dog abandoned with a litter about 2 years ago. She is a master at seducing people to give her food or when she is running around freely in the countryside or the woods during our walks she will look for food. Recently we saved her after eating poisoned meat inside a dead cow which people here in Italy use to kill the wolves to protect their cows. Even though I feed her well she has this imprinting of survival. How can I teach her not to eat what she meets Outside?

Oldsap Charlie

May God bless your day Robert and Janet. We have a 6 yr old Shih Tzu who was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and kidney problem. She is on a homemade low protein diet and takes maintenance meds. She is mostly in pain, but she manages. Someone suggested it would be “better” for

her if we put her to sleep. I’ve gone through several dogs of mine who became terminally ill before, but this has never crossed my mind, ever. I feel it’s better for them to just take nature’s course. Am I selfish for wanting this? Would putting her to sleep be better for her? I value your opinion. Thank you.

Tommy A

This winter my malinois has been part of the puppy sledddog team. She doesn’t have the stamina of the huskys but she does a good job for a while. She burns all her powder fast and that is ok, she is not a husky. When she gets tried I think she feels obligated to still pull hard, I don’t want to put pressure on her in this way so I let her run off leash behind me. This seems to take the pressure off her and lessen the stress

She loves to pull and gets really high in drive on every start. I think the solution I have with letting her off leash to getting her out of stress is good. Thoughts

Melodee D

How do I teach the drop it command? My 12 mos old poodle tries to eat everything and is constantly grabbing with her mouth.

Colin K

I have 2 male pit mixes both neutered. One is 20 months, the other is around 6 years old. I currently keep the both of them crated whenever I cannot fully watch them and was wonder when or if I should let them stay out of their crates during bed time. They both get a long great, never have fought, I’m just worried about the what if due to the nature of pits.


I’m trying to decide on which Herm Sprenger prong collar to buy: the one with a swivel connector (where the leash connects) or the one with the O-ring connector. Does it matter?

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