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dear Robert, I am a new member but I am following your videos on
YouTube for some time now. I am living in Ticino,Switzerland and we’ve
got a malinois puppy of almost 3 months of age. my question is: she is
barking quite a lot, mostly to people, but also to other dogs. my
impression is that she lacks of confidence in herself. is it enough if
I bring her to as many places and persons as possible or is there
anything else to do, other than using the word NO and correct her????
PS: she comes from a very qualified breed and she is our 3. malinois


I have a 12MO intact male Weimaraner, Roman. We have rabbits under our
deck which he loves to stalk. I walk him on a long line in our fenced
backyard to steer him away from the deck. But, if he sees a rabbit
(birds flying overhead/in yard) he will go nuts. I give him a pop
correction on the prong collar and redirect if I see him ‘lock in’ on
the prey. He doesn’t care about the correction. He will take off
running at full speed leaving me no choice to but to drop the line.
Then plays “catch me if you can”. He has decent recall, but not if
overly excited. How do I keep from losing his mind?


I have 3 dogs, 1 yr, 2.5yrs and 4 yrs old. All have various levels of
training and I’m starting fresh with everyone! How should I handle
training when we’re all together? I teach new skills one on one, but
when the 3 of them are together then tend to lose their minds (mostly
revolving around Place or when company comes over or they are barking
at the UPS guy.) One or two might comply, but the excitement tends to
get ramped up and they all forget what they’re supposed to do. Do I
just need more one on one time to make sure they understand the


My 2.5 male GSD & I have been members of your site since he was 6
mths, Luke’s ability to learn still amazes me. My husband bought a
female Bernadoodle a year ago & there is no comparison (no offense to
anyone but my husband & his dog are both couch potatoes)
Luke dosent bark if someone knocks at the door & loves people. Its the
dreaded squirrels & barky neighbor dogs that are a constant challenge.
I’m worried this could turn into aggression.
We live in Canada and were wondering if you thought boarding training
for a few weeks would help with reactions and my ability to deal with

Jen H

Thank you for all of your great help.  I appreciate you and all that
you do to help train obedient dogs!  My question is in regards to the
size of the quick link you use for adjusting your prong collar to the
perfect fit.  You did a YouTube on it but I have been struggling to
find the right size quick link and have made several wrong purchases!
The links are always too thick to fit into the smaller links.  Any
help you can provide on the correct size of the link is appreciated.

Jessica W

I volunteer at a shelter consistently. I do the walking and basic
obedience with the dogs. I see so many working dogs come in and break
down so quickly and become very reactive. What can I be doing to help
this situation? We are a small shelter. Example: We had a non reactive
Rottweiller come to us and she became very stressed and now is dog
reactive. I walk her over a mile every other day. I do have a basic
understanding of training.  I am always trying to figure out what else
I should be doing?  Thank you!!

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