Member Questions 3-9-24

Jo R

I rescued a 1 yr old mixed cattle dog.  No background as she was a stray.  She was in a foster home and did well.  She is extremely friendly when meeting new people, she’s great with other dogs.  I’ve had her about a month and have been using your training videos and she is doing great.  She’s very smart.  I even was able to train her resource guarding of toys based on your videos and she no longer exhibits this behavior.  However, at times when she’s sitting next to me on the couch or bed and I pet her she will growl a tiny bit and has even air snapped.  Should I be concerned? What can I do?

Gene G

I use the “stay” command. I have other people’s dogs at my house on occasion. When I take one out for a walk I tell my dog to stay. He does but I know after I leave he breaks the stay as he greets me at the door when I come back. I am gone for a while so I really don’t expect him to stay. He is like 100% on his stay unless something spooks him. Should I be using a different command like “wait”. He loves his crate but I hate to be taking him in and out during the day.


When doing loose leash walking out in the world, in some situations we have to go by people or be in close proximity to them. This is where the 4 feet of leash is too much freedom for my dog. Should I call him into a strict heel? Or just rein him in by shortening the leash to get him right next to me? Or even correct him if he’s moving towards a person?


My dog bites hard and growls every time I try to pick her up. I understand she may feel uncomfortable or something like that but she’s a corgi so a smaller dog and gets into situations where I have to pick her up for her safety a lot, any idea on how to fix this?


Hello, hope you are doing fine: I have a 3 year old malinois, I want some tips for better the down position, she lays down but all comfy and I need the sphinx position to teach a new obstacle, she fell from it (it’s like 2 inches high) but she needs to learn to be in that space so when it’s higher she doesn’t fall, she does the command it’s just the position how can I help her? (She is learning the sway-beam in agility) Thanks for all, your videos have helped me with a lot of things (reactivity) and this space to do better.


My American Bulldog is pretty well behaved for a 7 month old. I generally don’t even have to leash her when outside and she tends to come when she’s called with her tail wagging. I’ve noticed that most of the time she has it tucked between her legs, especially when eating. Any kind of correction is met with a cower and tail between her legs and she doesn’t really recover quickly. Is she just sensitive? Lacking confidence? If I correct her in the wrong tone she pees. I’m not sure how to approach training. Sometimes I’ll tell her Duck No! and shell be sullen for hours…tail tucked. Rarely scold

Collin K

Hey Robert, my neighbor has what looks like an American bull dog mastiff mix. He keeps the dog outside locked up in a little area of the yard (maybe 6 feet x 10 feet). He has shade, water and food, but I’m Arizona it’s already high 70s. I want to ask him if I could maybe take his dog out on walks a few times a week for free. How would you recommend going about that without causing problems with my neighbor? I’m not judging him for leaving the dog locked up since I don’t have history on him, but I just feel so bad for him, because he’s a very large dog with very little space.


Hi Robert, what do you think is more important, having a dog focus/make eye contact with you, or with a target object? I was watching Nino Drowaert’s videos and he seems to place more importance on a dogs focus on their target or reward. What’s your opinion on this? Does it depend on the dog?

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