Member Questions 7-12-22


Can you do a video showing us how to do CPR on a dog.


Hi Robert, I’m a new member and enjoying your videos. I have a question about what you are referring to as structure. We have been allowing our puppy to play and sleep as she wants, but recently she has not wanted to sleep as much and gets crazy. We can redirect her but it’s getting more difficult. Should I crate her on a specific schedule through the day to better control her active and play, training time? Thanks


I am training my 6 mos male terv pup not to pull on the leash using a long line as per your wonderful videos. Since I live on 25 secluded acres and don’t have to worry about cars, people or other dogs should ALL our walks be on a long line until he learns not to pull? Or if I walk him on 6ft  leash when out simply to poo or pee, should I give him the same ‘pop’ correction when he pulls on the shorter leash?

Andy M

Yesterday we took our 9m/o GSD to visit my sister after his usual morning exercises and training, he played with her dog all day as usual when we visit her, later in the day he started barking at my sister, then he lunged at my mother taking a nip at her. We assumed he had a long day and was tired. This morning as we were training him at a field, he lunged at 2 strangers that came by nipping 1. I had to use the ecollar to stop him. He’s always been around people and never done this. Help please.

Alvin C 

Hi, my puppy always growl when a stranger approaches and backs off about 4 steps behind. He does that to other dogs as well during the obedience training classes. He takes very long to sniff out another dog and does not get comfortable with other dogs. What is the problem and how to tackle it?


Hi Robert, how do I manage my 1 year old GSD’s prey drive when he’s chasing cats? this morning a stray cat jumped into our yard & was pronounced dead after my dog killed it, we removed it before he ate it, note that he had breakfast an hour before the attack happened, at the time no recall worked or any other commands, I was advised to starve him so he’d know what he did was wrong but that doesn’t make sense, how was I supposed to correct him? & does raw food increase their wanting live prey?


My dog is very obsessed with my husband. He’s well trained so he’ll walk nicely and has great manners, but he’s constantly looking for “where is dad” and gives me no eye contact when walking or when outside at all. I want to build him into a semi focused heel (check ins) and with a separate command being the focused heel. What can I do to get the dog focused on me while his favorite dad is in view? He does better when his dad isn’t present, but not much. Do I correct him for not giving focus?

William J

Hello Robert,
8 week old puppy, has zero fear of crate, moves in and out without issue.
However today, day three at work she began to cry louder than anything I’ve ever heard. Hearing damage. Ultimately I covered cage and in about 15 minutes fell a sleep. I would not remove her from crate while whining and crying.
Now, once home she is having similar issue.

2 days prior no issue

What is the proper thing for me to do, she must go to work with me ( own my  business ), lives on a yacht.

Susan W

Robert, which videos would you recommend to help us with our newly adopted dog (1 yr old). She is a street dog from Taiwan who is friendly but plays and greets us by jumping and often biting. Plus she is a leash puller and too rough when taking treats. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks.

William J

while in total melt down her tail was waging while whining, barking and screaming.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cabral, what is a reasonable length of time for an 11 month old Malinois to stay in her “place”? I’m trying to use this command while I cook or do other brief tasks, but after 3 minutes, she’s back in the kitchen. Going to keep working with her on this to try to work up to 15 minutes. Optimally, should stay there until released, correct? Thank you again for all of your help!

eugene g

Those guys/dogs are something else. Just wanted to let you know that the sit with the dog walking around the other closer then switching positions is working very at the shelter

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