Member Questions – 7/13/21

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Here are this weeks Q&A – with a special guest reading the questions:


I recently noticed my 8mo Anatolian shepherd sometimes gets nippy with us either when he is super excited during play time, or if we are touching him in a way he doesn’t like (like while clipping his nails or doing some other type of necessary maintenance or grooming). I’m not sure how to stop this behavior and want to ask the correct way to go about this.

Diana B

My 2 year old Female Mountain Cur “Luna” is well trained on and off leash. Along with Luna we have a 1 1/2 year old Sharpei Healer “Mochi,” and a 6 month old Brittany mix “Kali.” On an average day they all enjoy each other’s company, no aggressive behavior. Until, Kali got her front leg stuck as she was racing up my decks stairs and Luna got to Kali before me but instead of helping she exhibited aggressive behavior as if to attack


Hi Robert, I am teaching my 1,5year lab to fetch. If I ask her to hold the dowel, make her carry it and then ask to bring it to me, she makes no mistakes. However, if I throw the dowel, very often she picks it up by the bell even if I adjust it as you show in your video. By the time she is close to me, she loses it. I try to catch it before it is on the ground and put it back in her mouth the right way and then finish the exercise by asking her to hold it calmly and then out. Any advice?

Terry J

Hey Robert, Jango the doggo here. My owners brought home a mean evil little hot dog looking rat. I am a nice well mannered intact 14 month Malinois. I tolerate the mini Dachshund well and play and get along well. My Dad’s sent you a video on Facebook. If I get annoyed I simply move to high ground like the window our top of the couch. Is a kennel time out better or strong leash correction when the corn dog with legs keeps barking and attacking me? What point should parentals step in?


Hi Robert. I’m a first time Malinois owner and your videos have been a godsend. I have a 5 month old Malinois puppy who suddenly started barking and lunging at family members when they enter the room. My family has been around her since I brought her home at 8 weeks and she has never had any issues with them until this started 3 days ago. I now have her on a leash inside and am correcting her with a martingale when she starts the behavior. I’d appreciate any advice you have.

Cossette D

Balloo my beautiful 3yr old M GSD (entire) was charged by another GSD I tried to bluff, had to let Balloo forward at the last minute. The fight was finished quickly the other dog ran yelping to its owner. Balloo has now taken on a much more intense guarding behaviour in public, I am now scared, nervous the same thing will happen again and feel guilty I could not protect my dog. How am i best to build both of our confidence again. Should I give him a break from being in public for a while.


My dog charges the TV. He’s done this since he was a puppy. We tried to help it by rewarding him when he is calm with the tv on. We also tried desensitization by having it on all the time. Both have seemed to make it worse. He will actually put holes in the wall and jump up to it barking. It is very frustrating. Can you suggest anything?


Hi Robert, our pup is 5 months and since day 1 we’ve encouraged calm and gentle behaviour around our 2 cats with good success initially. However, recently she’s starting barking at them when she wants to play with them, or more recently when I pet them. When I’m petting them she’ll run over, often start licking them, and then bark, or nudge me for attention. I tell her no, and put her in a down or sit but she still barks when in a down. Any better ways of handling this? Thanks


I’m fostering a 10 yr old husky mix that jumped on the bed without invitation. Attempted to remove the harness when he looked at me and growled. Assume he thought I was removing him from the bed. First instance of aggression. I said “No”, but broke eye contact, stepped back, got leash and led him off. I placed him on the floor where he sleeps. He tried again but I blocked him with my arm and he laid down on the floor. Did I communicate weakness by moving/looking away? How should I have handled this?


I have a 6-month old Vizsla puppy. When we’re walking, she sometimes forges ahead if she sees a distraction. I change directions while she runs to the end of the leash, where she feels the pressure and then quickly comes to my side to continue and I reward. There have been a couple of times when she’s been absolutely crazy despite there not being any distractions. In these cases, should I correct her more harshly? Should I give her a pop on the leash once she reaches the end of the leash?


I’m having a serious problem with my new shelter dog Cindy. The big problem happens when something scares her while we’re outside. Then there is nothing I can do to get her settled down. I can get her to sit but as soon as I take a step she lunges forward and is pulling as hard as possible, trying to get back to the house. Once recently it was really loud fireworks in the middle of the day. Another time it was a neighbor lowering their garage door. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi Robert, Hendrix my Kelpie/Mal X 3yrs) has had hip replacement surgery. Now when he goes to the vet he’s very suspicious, especially when they want to test his back legs, and needs to be muzzled and restrained so they can check him. Me being there doesn’t calm him down and I wonder if it’s decreasing his trust in me given that I’m just standing there letting them do it to him. Is it better if I leave the room?


A few times throughout the day our 10 yr old golden retriever mix and 4.5 month old GSD play in the backyard for short bits of time. However, they tend to get rough and it’s also been hard to recall or get them to stop, even the older dog whose recall is generally pretty good. I usually end up needing to physically remove one of them, usually the puppy, and put him back in his pen to relax since he’s usually the one to instigate. Any suggestions on how to get them both to quit when told?


Bronte has become repulsed by her grass dog run where she needs to pee. Wood lice pest problem has been resolved and could it be the bugs? The old smell of bug spray?

Christy & Zeke

Somehow I’ve trained my 2 y/o heeler to run too close to me. I take him on several runs a week. He runs at my side or slightly ahead of me on a loose leash. He often runs too close to me. I’ve tripped and fallen over him too many times to count. I’ve tried a heel stick but he presses into it to be closer to me. How do I train him to pay attention to me, and his position relative to me, so that I don’t keep tripping over him?

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