Member Questions – 7/20/21

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Here are this weeks member AMA. Enjoy the week…


I asked a question last week about how to stop my 8mo Anatolian shepherd from nipping, and you answered half of the question with the part in regards to how to work on it while clipping his nails or grooming, and thank you so much for that, I think you forgot to answer though about the part of how to stop him from nipping when he is excited. So just wanted to ask again how I should properly react to him and stop him when he starts using his teeth on me when he is excited. Thank you!


I have a 6MO Vizsla puppy. I have her on a routine: I wake up at 6:30, get dressed, and then I let her out of the crate for a walk. Recently my local gym started opening at 5AM again. 5AM is the only time I can go to the gym. How can I get my puppy used to seeing me wake up and leave first thing in the morning for an hour or more? I’m afraid she’ll get frustrated and cry in her crate if she sees me leave. Do I just leave without making a fuss and hope she’ll adapt?

Lauren S

Hi! I have an almost 5 month old basset hound from Ontario, Canada. My question is, what corrections should the pup KNOW come from you versus from “the hand of Gd” at the end of the line (or like a leash pop)? For example if Hugo chases our bunny- (which he knows is forbidden) I think the corrections should come from me as opposed to a leash. Is that right? Can you explain the difference?

Our bunny Walter who he has been socialized with and exposed to since day one. I slowly and gradually introduced and exposed them to the point that they now can be around each other no problem. Hugo knows Walter is mine, he is important to me, and not to ever harm him. However he sometimes still chases and I have to correct him.

Mark W

My 3yr old GSD barks/alerts anytime someone approaches the house or knocks on the door, which I am ok with. Once I feel confident it is safe I give him the quiet command, but by that time he is amped up and I have a hard time getting him to place and be quiet. He generally responds well to all commands, except those instances when he I am not able to intervene before he gets amped up.


Hey Robert! I want to teach my Malinois to do the back stall where he jumps up on my back and balances while I’m bent over. Any chance you could do a video on this? Thank you for all the awesome content!


1. I need help learning how 2 give my puppy more structure, he’s a 6 months old stubborn GSD & would command if he’s getting a treat else-wise he would do nothing. I checked your videos over & over but feel like i still need to learn more, please advise.

2. He bit a bird today & attempted to eat it before I removed him off of it, what is the correct way 2 correct this behavior knowing that when it comes to food the leave it or out command simply goes out the window, i know this is his prey drive

Naithan & Shadow

Afternoon Robert,

Question on the send out, been Using your method. He is at the phase where he goes to the PVC (5-6- feet away) and comes back, still working on the duration/touch portion.

In IPO blind work the dog is sent out and loops around the blinds & sent out to another. How do I get my dog to go to the PVC , then loop and return to me? He just goes and touches & returns.Secondly, “Voraus” is my send out command, but to maintain touching contact with PVC pole should I repeat command?

Melinda H

I have an 11-year-old Pyrenean Shepherd who has multiple performance titles and is friendly and outgoing if I am there. However when I leave the house he will not let anyone do anything with him and only wants to stay in the bedroom. He will lunge and snap if my roommate tries to get him out of the room to go outside. This all seemed to start after he had dental work done. I am not sure if something happened at the vet clinic or if it is a result of the anethstesia.


Hi Robert. How do you get your dog to want to be around you if the dog is off leash instead of wanting to run around and play with other dogs. His re call is good but I want to be able to take him for runs off lead without him wanting to go to other dogs or get distracted. I guess what I’m asking is how to build pack drive instead of prey drive?


Hi Robert, No question yet. Just a BIG thank you! Started out watching your YouTube videos. When we decided to get a puppy this year, I immediately signed up for membership. The podcasts, lessons & AMA’s have been invaluable & kept me sane especially in the early months. Our Golden Retriever puppy is now 6 months old. We play, train & walk daily thanks to you. It’s taken a while but now I can honestly say we are all enjoying puppyhood. Thanks for the amazing content & for keeping it real!

oldsap Charlie

Hi Robert, I’ve taught my 1.5yr Mal to leave it which works on most situations except when we’re on a walk and he sees other dogs. I tell him to leave it but he still focuses on the other dog, head towards the dog even if we’ve walked past it, pulling, even if I pop his leash. He doesn’t go for the other dog but I don’t like the way he tunes me out. How do I fix this? Thank you for your time and God bless.


Hello Robert,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I have a 5mo WLGSD who is doing amazing, but I am very concerned with her mouthing me when I don’t let her get away with what she wants. The other day I had steaks on top of the counter I told her to leave it (she didn’t),I verbally corrected her and grabbed her by her collar and she went in mouthing mode and very angry. This is not the first time. I am working a lot with her,but obviously I am missing something.


I’ve watched your prong collar video on your member section multiple times to make sure I get everything right. Fortunately, during training when using prong collar he’s doing great but on real walk I use slip lead and he keeps pulling. Any advice?


My 14 month old dog was never afraid of thunderstorms, or loud noises until now. He use to not even care if it was thunder, loud noise on TV or even around a pistol being discharged. 4th of July was bad around our area. Now if fire works or thunder are going off he runs in his kennel and barks. I set with him and try to redirect with toys and engagement. He is nervous and frightened. I hope with time it improves but anything else I can do?


Hey Robert- really enjoying the training info I get from your “member chats.” My question is how to better train my 11 month English Cocker for calmness inside the home? I realize lots of exercise outside helps to release his energy. I’m working on fixing: not breaking the place command, and jumping on the sofa and counter for food. I try to keep a tab on his collar to grab when making corrections. Any suggestions on training for calmness in the home-thanks so much!


Hi Robert. I have a question about my pups biting. You had mentioned that I should grab my 5 month old GSD by the scruff of the neck and tell him no if he continues to try to rough play with our older dog. When I do this he turns and mouths/chews on my arm. Is this just his puppy mouthiness and/or drive or is he testing me? If I tell him no again, holding the scruff of his neck, he continues. He always ends up in his pen, but how should I respond to this behavior of his at this age?

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