Member Questions – 7/30/21

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Wishing you all a great weekend! Enjoy this weeks Q&A


My brother, sister in law along with my 1.5 yr old niece will be visiting & staying with me and my 7 month old gsd. He barks at people entering our premises and I haven’t really discouraged that because I think my dog should alert me. But it becomes a bit difficult to manage him when he goes into that drive lunging, pulling & breaking sit/stay. How do I manage him better when he is in that guard dog zone without discouraging his habit of alerting me? Also should I always Crate him around my niece?


Thank you (and Alin) for the fantastic website! I want to change my dogs’ e-collars over to the kinder prong collar version. However, I have E-Collar Technologies collars (came with the 2 week board and train I sent my dogs to). These collar’s prongs screw onto a protruding metal bolt instead of having a protruding screw on the contact point. The bolt is permanent on the collar and not long enough to bolt the prong collar to. Do you have any ideas for adapting these collars for the hack?


I have a 1yr old female malinois that gets very jealous when we show affection to our 4 mnth old male mal/shep mix. They’ll play together, but there are times when she’s aggressive towards the pup.. any suggestions on how to deal with this? Thnx


Hi Robert, In a year I will need to purchase a bigger home and bring my 80 yr old. Mom to live with me so we can care for her. My GSD is now 2 years old and has spent the pandemic year with no visitors in our home. Suggestions on getting him to understand Mom is now part of our pack and also getting him used to the new house? Should I be going on walks with my Mom now, having her come over to the current house on a regular basis?

Lauren S

Hi from Ontario, Canada! Hugo is my 5month old Basset Hound. Generally he listens to me & is progressing nicely with training. But lately he’s started jumping up on me for attention. Doesn’t hump, but tries to latch onto my legs until I respond. If I say no or turn around to ignore him, or give a command, it escalates him and he tries to bite at my clothes or barks at me. He gets into a bit of a Frenzy. Why is he doing this now and how do I curb it?

I tried the “step in towards him” approach when he jumps up at me, but this either only works for a second (and he does the jumping again), or, if I do it with sternness, causes him to bark and get very defensive/upset. He is super sensitive (which I think is common for bassets) so I don’t like to get into power struggles or standoffs with him.. redirection always goes smoother! Thank you!

Heidi S

Hi Robert, Tipper my 2 year old GSD and I have been working on scent discrimination and are having so much fun, she absolutely loves this game and is very good at it. I watched part 1 and 2 and was wondering when you’ll be doing another video? Thank you for being the best teacher!

Albin O

Hi, Robert! When I’m luring my eleven week old puppy for a ‘down’ he does it for only a split second, as soon as I mark it with the word ‘Yes’ and open my hand so he can eat the treat, he quickly go up to a stand position and eat the treat instead of holding the down position. Will this go away in the future by itself or what’s the best way to correct this? Thank you Robert and Janet for your very hard work.

Naithan & Shadow

Morning Robert, Pierre podcast was top notch. My 19Mo GSD ignores stiff choke chain corrections, so it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the idea, & have those type of results. 1 question asked was “how do you correct these harder dogs (especially with stressor) when the physical tools are not available , SPECIFICALLY what are the training methods you use”. Unfortunately He didn’t answer the question or go into to detail on how he addresses that.Was this in another missing interview?

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