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Hello Mr. Cabrel I have a American Akita Belgian Malinios I rescued at 3 months of age now is 6 mths. I ha e been working g on socializing and obedience. I have run into a snag because I have to have so.e surgery and this will drastically reduce my ability to excesrize Kita and she does become destructive and anxious when. She is not regularly worked. I have a treadmil that I use and will be using with my rehab post on. I would like to use itnfor Kitas exercise and have been working on getting her use to it off and on etc. Would appreciate info on the best harness leash to use for her. 


Hi Robert, what would be the best way to correct my dog for excitedly jumping on someone if he isn’t wearing a leash? I’ve watched your videos where you step on the leash so he self corrects but sometimes it happens so quickly I miss the opportunity or he may not have a leash on at the time. And when I am prepared and try to set him up to jump he knows and won’t jump. Any suggestions to eliminate this behavior would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi Robert and Janet! My 4.5 months old mali is in her teething phase, yesterday I noticed that one of her teeth is missing. Anything I can do to make the process easier for her besides the frozen bananas, frozen towels etc? Also she is still jumping up at us and at our arms, it looks playful as she doesn’t bite hard. We have her on a lead to step on it to self correct, but then she goes for our legs. Is this still because she is in her teething phase as she is a puppy and she needs patience? Thank you, another question where I’m looking for reassurance more than a solution. 


Thanks for your crate recommendation its working great, she is calmer, however she barks sometimes and I cant get to her, to correct her, and i am often left shouting a bit. Mainly I wanted to ask this  question…Tika pulls on the leash and I have been watching your videos and practicing on turning 180° when she does not expect it, and it is helping a lot.  What collar do you recommend for this?

Martin c

My 8 month old female Corso is a bit shy not aggressive bites when we play or if i brush her she will bite my wife long hair I’ve tried pushing in on her cheeks so she can feel her sharp teeth suggested by a trainer please help. 


Just rescued a 2yr old 110lb Cane Corso. My 60lb Husky is not a fan. While we can watch TV together in harmoney, both dogs on Place, Husky has displayed growling, snapping when the three of us are together in the yard. I foolishly had them both off leash and, while the husky had his chew toy, started tugging w the CC. Husky went off and went after the CC head/neck with vigour. Threw them both in headlocks and myself to the ground. Pulled them apart with no damage, other than some marks on my upper left arm from the husky. He realized it was new, not the CC and let go. How can i redirect ?

Anita H

In your experience when should we neuter our Mal. Diesel is 9 month right now. He hasn’t shown any aggression or growling until today when we went to the pet store. A lady started approaching us and he growled just enough for her to stop. I corrected him and he stopped. Can this be managed or will he get worse as he becomes an adult ?  Does neutering him help with this issue. 

Thank you so much.

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