Member Questions 8/10/21

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Michael W

Zana, our 3-year-old shepherd dog can hardly be tamed on the leash when she sees other dogs. she goes into stare mode many metres beforehand and then (on the leash) behaves in an associal manner. Off-leash, she usually tries to dominate other dogs. it’s a pain in the ass. do you have any ideas on how we can proceed in a structured way, robert? best regards, michael (from Würzburg, Germany)

Anthony B

Gaia is 5 month old black fem Lab. She is training well and is coming along nicely. When tied out she has something to chew on, a femur usually and her Klimt stand to be off the ground. If she hears me or sees me in the distance she starts barking at me. I know going to her isn’t the answer but how do I get it to stop. She also has started eating her poop if she is tied out and goes and I don’t see it to clean it right away.


Hi Robert,

My almost 2 year lab keeps stealing things to chew on such as pillows, blankets and anything that’s not in its usual place. I have been a member for more than a year so she is fairly well trained and listen if I tell her to leave it before she takes it but I am not always there. I have started training her with e-collar and she responds well. Can I use it in order to teach her that she is not allowed to steal pillows and blankets even if I am not around? How can I do it?


How do you get the dog to stop chomping on the toys especially when playing fetch. I also have a 14 in. hard ball she plays with (teaching her to move with nose) but she has a fit and wants to chomp on it but can’t of course. So I think she’s getting aggressive with it. So I have taken it away but she really love that ball. What would you suggest about chomping and teaching her nose work instead of bite?


Hi Robert! When I train my dog with his reactivity I engage with him before he sees another dog and call him towards me and if he does see one .when he comes I do a bit of tug however sometimes he doesn’t come and if walk the other way that sets his barking off. I’ve been doing the block method where I can bring him very close to dog and do sits,down,stand and stay and he seems to respond well to that. Would that fix the problem or only fix it in the short term because I’m blocking him?


Hi Robert, I have a working line GSD along with a Mali, both of them are trained protection dogs, a husky and a pug, the first three have been together for years and the pug came in along with my aunt about two months ago. They have been playing with and without supervision in this time with no problem, but two days ago when I go to check them I discovered that the GSD killed the pug… My girlfriend and I are scared and don´t know what to do we love her so much… BTW I think she´s in heat

chris a b

Our GSD is 2 years. With your help, he’s become a great dog. He walks at heel beautifully on the leash, but I’m wondering if I could teach him to walk at heel without the leash and use the ecollar to train him. He’s high drive and does like to run after about anything that moves, he gets a lot of exercise off leash in the countryside and comes well when called. It’s in town that I’m wondering about with his staying at heel.when off leash. Never tried ecollar. Think it would work?

Lauren K

I have a 13 week old Mal female and am looking for feedback on her exercise. In addition to puppy training and supervised play with older dog, she gets 3 structured exercise sessions a day:

  • 30 min morning walk
  • 10 minutes of lure chasing or ball drive building on grass
  • 30 min evening walk

I never push her — if she stops on a walk, I carry her home. Also careful not to climb stairs, jump on or off surfaces, or run on concrete. Despite the caution, am I doing too much for her age?


Hi Robert! Great program Sir! I just got my 14 week old Malinois pup a few days ago. After giving him a day to adjust to his new environment, we began your program. I’ve been holding treats and coaxing movement as demonstrated with “Siggy” when he was only 9 weeks old. My puppy is following the treat well, but he is nibbling my fingers to get at the treat, so I can only walk him around and pass him through my legs for a short period before the nibbling gets the best of me. What should I do?


Hi again from Toronto, Canada. My 5 month old Basset Hound has been improving around the appt. No accidents+ chewing/jumping less when outside his crate or xpen. However he has a hard time just chilling out alone. He either needs to be next to me, or else entertained with a food toy (like a kong /puzzle/lick Matt) in the xpen area. He barks the second he’s done & wants another. He will eventually fall asleep if I ignore him but never “just chills”. Is this just normal puppy stuff?


Hi Robert. Kai, my 5.5 month old GSD pup has been improving w/ dog reactivity–on walks, dogs in their own yard no longer set him off. However I have noticed he has started to bark w/ his new big boy bark at things that he has been exposed to often such as the neighbors talking in their yard. I have been working him through it, not making it a big deal. However seeing people while he’s in the car or me talking to someone in the drive-thru sets him off. How should I handle this while I’m driving?


Today (by accident) my dog saw my other dogs food and stole it from him. They immediately started fighting. I was able to separate them right away. They’ve never been aggressive to each other before, never been aggressive to me, never shown any signs of resource guarding and always let me handle their food if I need to. After separating them I was able to pick up the food and they didn’t care. They are both 9-10mo right now. I’m wondering if I should worry about this or if it’s normal for dogs.

Ken P

Hi Robert,We had put our beloved friend Blue down this week and the pain is almost unbearable. I found you on YouTube and your podcasts about grieving was of immense help. Thank you so much for what you do.

I joined because listening to you and watching your podcasts are a comfort. Just watching you work with dogs is a comfort to us.

I want to get another friend one day, but can’t rush into it right now. How will I know when it’s right?

Lisa B Cyr

My dog’s focus heel is improving. How do you teach them to side step heel (left to right) he can do forwards, backwards and turns but I have no idea how to shape taking a step to the side. I’m starting to shape the left (I can move into him and have a wall close by to keep him parallel to me)

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