Member Questions 8-13-23

Carol O

I have a male six-year old doberman who is very dog aggressive. I have him under control unless in close encounters. Ten feet or less is his trigger area. What are your thoughts on a dominant dog collar and then how should I train it. I am a member and still have much to learn. Some of his aggression is genetic. On proper introduction with female dogs he is great.


Hello, Tika our blue heeler cross, wants to herd everything with wheels. We put her in the crate in the car as recommend and she jumps right into it fine. As soon as we START moving, cross over a bridge, cars pass by ect.. she barks incessantly, we put sheet over the crate and does not help much with barking. She was good in the car when we got her 5 months ago, but has become increasingly worse. We started off just letting her be free in car, and moved to harnessing her, and now the crate. She makes traveling very stressful. We are trying to ignore her and she keeps barking. Please help.


Hi Robert 

My 2yo working line GSD has developed some barrier aggression after replacing our chain link fence with a wooden privacy one. While I don’t mind him barking in the home when someone is approaching the door, our neighbors probably don’t appreciate a vicious sounding dog bark at them through the fence when they walk by. 

Right before his hackles are up, I’ll tell him to go get his ball, which usually works. But when he’s outside on his own, he tends to act aggressively towards whatever walks by. 

What would you suggest we do to curb this behavior? 

Thanks for the help 


Hey Robert, my 10 month old dobie is doing pretty well now. She still gets times when she’s nippy, but I can redirect her with a command or negative reinforcement. I’m trying to teach her to play tug as a means of exercise, but when she grabs the toy hard enough, she drops on the ground and doesn’t get up. How can I get her to play tug standing up? Additionally, when I let her win, it seems like she’s bringing the toy back for another round, but when I reach for the toy, the little brat either runs away or nips at my hand. How can I address this? Thanks so much.

Anita H

Hello Robert. My husband and I both walk our Malinois at different times of day because of work. So we noticed when I walk Diesel ( 9 month old), he walk about an arms length ahead of me and with my husband he is in heel position. We always stop at crosswalks and have him sit. To get Diesel to walk again I say OK, which then he starts to walk. With my husband says “heel” to start walking again. My husband suggested for me to also say heel, but here is my question:” Will that confused Diesel because he is not heeling with me? Should I have him walk in heel position too ?

Joe T

Recently adopted a six month Rottweiler/Doberman/something else 7 month female. I’ve never owned a female dog so I’ve been reading up on what to expect when they go into heat. Reading about a how some show signs of aggression and wondering what the best way to deal with that during heat is. Thank you

Ron M

Hi Robert, I have a Kelpie that is nearly a year and a half (14 mos). We got him from a shelter and he appears to not have been mistreated or abused. He’s very comfortable in our home and with all of the family members. It seems like he had been trained to some degree at some point. Our problem is his leash pulling and incessant marking drive. I have watched all of your videos and some several times. Trying to prevent him from going into his prey drive, he becomes frustrated, moaning and groaning, aggressively wiping his feet, eventually just drops and lays on his back moaning and groaning.


I have a 8 month old female GSD mixed with Karelian Beardog, named Luna. 

We engage, play, and train obedience with her every day and she loves it. She’s a very good pup thanks to you and your videos. 

Luna has become very close friends with one of our neighbours 4 year old female GSD. 

They engage and play well together and we haven’t had any problems with the two. 

This is Luna’s only playmate since we don’t really let her engage with other dogs. 

My question is: How often can we let the two dogs play together? Is there any chance that it can make Luna less willing to engage with us? Thx

Mark R

Hello guys, 

Was watching a video on YouTube. The trainer spoke about loving a dog (on their terms) too much. 

Eg.. your dog walks over and puts its head on you looking for a pat/ attention. The trainer was saying it wasn’t a good idea as it’s on the dogs terms. 

So what they would do is send the dog away… call them back and give all the love/ attention on their (the humans/ owners) terms. Would give them lots of love, but on the owners terms. 

I guess what he was getting at is the dog isn’t being in control. 

Hopefully that makes sense. 

Just wondering your thoughts on this.

Joe D

Hi Robert, do you have any tips for helping a 1 yr old understand that constantly trying to jump on our older dog is not acceptable? I have been working at this for a year now and they both are separated all day except for leashed walks together. If not the pup jumps all over him and will not leave him alone until I break them up. It’s obvious the older dog wants nothing to do with this level of play intensity. They will kiss through the gate if I’m there and they even sleep in the same room together, puppy in her crate and older dog across laying on his bed. Thanks

Beth E

Hello I was watching the video where the puppy was lured by the owner with a treat in his hand as he walked. I couldn’t understand exactly what he was doing. The puppy continues to follow looks like sometimes he is chewing but I never see the man get more treats during the walking exercises. Is he only letting the puppy lick the back of his hand where he is just holding the treat and he gives it at the end of each exercise? Of is the puppy somehow and I can’t tell eating the treats? Looks like the nans thumb is covering the treat. I just don’t fully understand. Thank you


Hello, I became a member when we brought home our creme golden retriever 4 months ago at 6 months old. Until then she wasn’t socialized, raised with her littermates in a barn, and had no exposure to the world. She’s come a long way with a lot of work and love, and her nature is super sweet and pretty mellow. She needs more training to focus on us, come when called now that her confidence is higher. She’s a super picky eater, so how do we do enough training with treats when she isn’t eating her kibble meal (and doesn’t want it for training)? She loves freeze-dried liver and cheese.

Dani D

Hi Robert, 2 weeks ago I received a 9 month old, female GSD that’s partly trained. I’ve been trying other recommended training sources but they conflict each other so I’m glad I found you.

My question is what is the quickest way to get her to leave the cats in the home alone while incorporating your lessons. I need harmony between them. My cats have always been around dogs until I had to put my 17 year old APBT down for health reasons the week before I got Sammi.

Thank you,

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