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My pup has always resource guarded with my husband, and has snapped at him if he tried taking anything from her. So he has stopped, and now asks her to drop item or for her to give and it’s been working. Other day, he asked her to bring a hair clip she gotten, she put it in his hand willingly, but as he closed his hand she bit him aggressively, broke skin. He grabbed her scruff and firmly scolded. First he ever reprimanded her. Why did she do this? What should he have done differently? She doesn’t respect him. she always demands affection from him tha he always gives. She nips if he ignores her. 

Roxanne s

My puppy will get in his crate, however, barks incessantly. How do I stop this?

Christa T

Hi Robert!  So happy to be a member & I continue to learn so much from your videos, trainings, & lessons!  I rescued a fixed male mal/dutch shepherd a little over a year ago who is now 2 1/2.  My primary issue is leash reactivity with dogs his size & bigger.  I started ecollar training about 2 wks ago.  The problem is that his conditioning stim is set at 8.  Works great, very effective for training.  If a dog walks by the apartment, car, or him, no amount of boost stim seems to work so far, but I’m also not fast when adjusting levels & get tagged in the process while walking past.

Tasha H

Hi Robert,

I have a 1 year old Malinois rescue who we have had since 3 months old (shelter dog) and when we are out on walks he reacts negatively (barking, lunging, etc) whenever a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, hoverboard etc comes by us. What is the best way to break this cycle and have him be neutral. He is fine with others walking, other dogs walking, strollers, joggers. It is as if a switch is flipped and he is unreachable. I understand this behavior is related to his prey drive but wondering how we can work through this in a meaningful way. Thank you!

Bob K

Hi, Robert. We just picked up our 12 week old Belgian Malinois from the breeder day before yesterday. I was wondering about a timeline for training. That is, when should more structured training begin as opposed to the bonding in socialization I should be doing with my new puppyhi, Robert. We just picked up our 12 week old Belgian melon noise from the breeder day before yesterday. I was wondering about a timeline for training. That is, when should more structured training begin as opposed to the bonding and socialization I should be doing with my new puppy.?


Hi Robert, I’ll be welcoming an 8-week-old Mal puppy in November. The breeder specializes in raising them as “family companions”, and their dogs are known for having an “off switch”. I work from home so my intention is to personally train/spend time/walk with the puppy for 2-3 hours daily and also schedule weekly sessions with a professional trainer. We have a 5-year-old daughter, a 17-year-old son, and a cat. Could you advise on the best approach for introducing and integrating the puppy with my children and cat?


My 9.5 month old female griffon is skidish of strangers at times and will bark at them, this behavior is not consistent. It seems to be more so when she’s on leash. Do you have any insight on this behavior and ways I can work on eliminating it.  Thank you for your help!


Howdy, Robert & Janet!

Thank you so much for putting out your Shelter Dog videos on YouTube. What a great thing to do!

Turk melted my heart. Sadly, I am not in a position to adopt him.

Nevertheless, it makes my membership worthwhile to have you doing this great work. 

I hope that we will get to see some follow-on videos of these great dogs training with you!

Keep up the great work.



Hello Robert.  I have two Yorkíes both around 5 Lbs and are 10 months old.  Everything I have read or watched says to never pull or put pressure on their necks because of the damage that could be done to their trachea.  So my question is, how do you correct if you can’t do the quick snap on the leash?  Doing that with a harness just doesn’t seem to have the same effect on the dog.  What is your advice? Thanks


Question on r-collar. Hi Robert, hi Janet. I want to go for a hike with my malinoise Toby without a leash so I am interested in e collar training  as recall but I have used e collar for correction. Have I messed up for Toby? Can I still train him with e collar for recall in forest? Grace


Is there an appropriate age to get a Malinois fixed in your opinion, if at all?


Hi Robert: 

I’m just saying hi, my malinois is doing much better, she is less reactive, I still have some work to do.

I still need to work her fear but over all watching the videos it’s a lot better.

Thanks for all your hard work, and patience answering questions and Janet also.

Hope to learn a lot more. 


Hi Robert! I have a belgian malinois male who is 6 months old. He is a lover but very excited all the time. I’ve been told that his constant overstimulation could lead to aggression. I’m still in the process of desensitizing him to his crate because there was trauma when he traveled to me so he sleeps wherever he wants and when I take him out, he wants to greet everyone and every dog. He plays well with dogs and automatically goes on his back for belly rubs with all humans. I live in the city so it’s been a challenge finding quiet places for decompression walks. What is your opinion? Thanks


My 2yr female working-line GSD has been trained using your teachings and does well out in public with distractions.  If however, my wife is with us, it all falls apart.  My wife has no time to learn and has become the affectionate cuddly companion, while I spend hours each day training.  When my GSD ignores my commands and instead chooses my spouse, it is depressing.  I have never seen you train a dog with both parents involved and was wondering if there is a reason for this, such as the disobedience I am experiencing.   What house rules do we need to follow if she is not part of the training?


When our malinois was a puppy she was very fearful, hiding under the couch very timid with dogs and humans. With socialization and alot of training she is better but at 13 months she is still has reactivity towards people (at our house if someone walked onto the property she would bark and run right up to them(we keep her on a long line if we know people are comming)). But She also shows dominant behaviors like marking when we are on walks, digging with her back paws after pee or poo. Is it possible for a dog to be fearful and dominant? Any suggestions for training videos/resources about this?

Max F

Hey Robert- I recently took my 3 1/2 GSD/Malinois to the vet and he bit the vets coat after she tried to examine his penis/testicles (he’s being neutered next week). I’m shocked that he did this. While he has reactivity he has never bitten anyone or has showed any signs that he might bite someone. Hes always been anxious at the vet but this was completely different. I am very scared by this behavior and not sure what to do. I’ve always completely  trusted him but this makes me skeptical. I have a 1 year old son at home and am now concerned about him being around my son.

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