Member Questions 8-24-21

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Hi Robert! wanted a bit more clarity further to my last Q. My pup is a very friendly 5.5 month Basset Hound. What is the correct way to respond when we see a dog or a dog passes on walks? Hugo goes into full play drive bark & pulls HARD. No matter what I do I can’t get his focus back on me unless I correct him(don’t want to do at this stage). I try to keep walking, turn or call him back but he is fixated. Sometimes the other owner ignores me & it’s too late, they play. Shd I just be persistent?


Hi Robert, We have a 6 mo old puppy. Currently working on loose leash walking and dealing with overexcitement when meeting (on leash) other dogs or people. We live on a quiet road and our 2 immediate neighbours have dogs as well. Their dogs often roam free and run out to us when we’re walking. All the dogs get on really well but it turns crazy quickly – our leashed dog pulling and hanging herself while the other dog playfully runs/jumps on her. I don’t know what to do when this happens -help!

James and Kelly

Your videos have helped us immensely with our dog and her training. However, we are wanting to take her to the next level. Perfecting recall, heel, off leash training and overall obedience. Honestly, we need more structure and something to hold us accountable.. We are considering an obedience class that uses the Koehler methods of training. We value your opinion as a trainer. Are you familiar with this method and if so, what are your thoughts?

Jingyun N

Hi Robert! Hope you’re doing well! Big fan of your work! Recently, I am looking for a local trainer for my 1-year old dog (private lessons, not group ones). But there are too many choices and I cannot tell which one is truly reliable only from what they said on their websites. Could you give me some advice on how to find a good dog trainer? As always, thank you for your help!


Just when I was reaping the rewards of early training, my 7MO puppy turned into a teenager. She’s been testing me now. For example, if we’re at the park and I tell her to leave something alone, she’ll look at me and then ignore me. Her leave it was on point before and proofed at the park. So, now she’s back on a long line so that I can follow through. My question is, now that she’s testing me, should I also be firmer with my corrections so that she understands that ignoring me is not allowed?


Our 5 month old GDS bites my teenage children when they try to make her do something she doesn’t want to do. (Like come inside or get down from the couch) This is not puppy, play biting which she does frequently with them also. I told them to put a leash on her and correct her if she bites, now she bites them to prevent them putting on the leash. She never bites me or my wife, not even in playing. Not sure what to do, I am not home 24/7.


Twice my GSD has directed at me barking rapidly when I tried to clean poo stuck to his bum. I clean him, bath him, clean wounds, clip his nails, he never has any issue with me touching him all over. Any idea why? Is it the noise of poo bag? First time I was able to clean him with a paper towel upon returning to the car. Second time clean him in the lake after a swim. Clearly he doesn’t have an issue with me touching his bum area. He never directs at me except in these 2 incidents.


I have a 8 month old male GSD. My town is full of hundreds of stray dogs and they are at every possible place outside. Any park I go there are huge packs. I can’t walk my puppy on the street outside my house because there is a pack of 7 outside. The back and forth technique doesn’t work as either they are barking or following or trying to jump us riling my puppy up. Now there is no single dog he won’t lose his mind over even the calm ones stray or pet which wasn’t the case until recently. pls help

Ronda L

Loved watching this impromptu lesson. I will watch it several times. There is a lot to glean from this short, real-time session. Janet has great instincts.

Yelena P

My GSD is dog reactive, outside on the leash and also inside behind the fence. When special dogs are passing our fence he goes crazy and starts to run and bark. Some dog (specially small) he will just bark at and not freak out. I really train a lot with him, outside he is always on a lose leash (I’m using a prong bc if something happens, I can’t fight his weight) but will bark aggressively when a dog is to near. Should I not allowed him to bark behind the fence? Is it affecting our training outside?


My foster dog has learned to “sit” and I’m using your “Around the clock” lesson to build duration. He’s doing well, holding the sit while I move around him. But he has started to bark repeatedly while sitting. I assume this is a protest for having to sit longer and/or a demand for the treat. I don’t want to treat him while barking so have tried waiting until he stops. He hasn’t built up enough duration yet and the barking continues for too long so he breaks the sit before I can reward.

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