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Judeth H

A friend of mine adopted a puppy recently. It is his first ever and he is 60. The breed is a Mini American Shepherd. The owner is at work about 12 hours a day and goes to bed 1 to 2 hours after he gets home. The owner does have 3 days a week off. I offered to have the puppy in my home while the owner is at work. I was concerned for the pup since the owner planned to put the puppy in a group doggie day care at 10 weeks of age. The puppy is now 5 months. It has become apparent that the owner has no clue or natural nurturing instinct for even the basics. Any advice for this situation?


Hi. Firstly, thank you for everything you do for dogs everywhere. I’m an Aussie so hello from the land down under! 

I have a dutch shepherd 11mth old male who is typical to the breed (loves tug, basics in igp work, any work in general). 

We do lots of scentwork, tug etc and obedience (just starting to remove the lure) so drives are being fulfilled. 

In play, he is extremely mouthy and goes for my hands and arms (I know this is normal for the breed). 

My question is this. My local trainer who is highly regarded said I should be encouraging this rough housing, not stopping it. 

Yes or no?


I have a 2y male GSD/ACD mix. I do the vast majority of training with him and he is far more obedient for me than for my husband. However, whenever my husband tries to give me affection our dog will start barking/nipping at my husband. My husband will usually very strongly correct him but usually, he continues to escalate to the point of biting my husband. Do I need to be the one to correct the dog? How do I stop my dog from resource guarding me if I am the one doing a bulk of the training?

Lawrence W

Hi Robert. I’m getting through your videos, which are great. So apologies if this is covered already. I have an 8 week old GSD puppy. It is destined to become a uk police dog, we hope. When would you advise in encouraging play drive by using toys, and fetch to encourage searching and toy drive? I’m conscious of his young age, we can all do too much too soon. 

Thanks again for you videos, they’re great!! Any other advice for a police career dog, anything would be greatly appreciated. Wether it advice, podcasts to listen to… anything. 


Hi Robert and Janet! Yet another one with my now 16 m/o working line GSD. He’s not responsive to corrections with a slip lead or choke chain. Since we live in Switzerland these are really the only tools we can use, but we have to have a “stopper” to not “choke” the dog out. The corrections i need him to response to are mostly outside regarding leash walking. Do you have any tips for me to get him to react to my corrections? I even considered getting an E-Collar with a cover, which is… you know…


My dog has bitten my wife multiple times. The first 2 times was when the dog was young and provoked as she was picking him up when sleeping. However recently my dog bit my mom and wife on the toes. Not sure why it was done but the other thing we noticed is that they walked near his bowl. Everytime my dog bites my wife it we had to go er. How can we fix this?


My Dutch Shepard will not go into water. How can I get her to go into water?


I have a 4 yr old male Belgian. I’ve worked through resource guarding issues since he was a puppy. Recently I’m seeing aggression with his crate. He will growl then run in his crate if we walk by, look in his crate. It’s not daily & happens only at bedtime. I thought fear since not every time & he retreats? His growl is not nice, he will lift his lips and snarl once in the crate if you try to reach in he will snap/ try to bite. If you call him out of the crate, he’s ok. How do I work through this when you’re dealing with an object; that is used daily? Type of aggression? Thanks for any help!


Hi Robert, I have a 6 month old belgian malinois that is terrified of baths. It is next to impossible to bathe him because he is on flight mode the entire time. I can hardly wash the shampoo out. He loves the water though….it’s just when he is tethered to the bathtub along with the water nozzle on him. Any advice on how to help this situation? I’d like to be able to give him a bath once a month or so. Thanks 

Marian E

I work at a shelter and we are currently getting through your “Shelter Dog Training” course so I haven’t been able to get to the section about this behavior in dogs. I think about 90% of my work at the shelter, as well as privately, is regarding dogs with the opposite issue. But now we have several dogs that fear people. We have been trying to win them over with all of the things dogs usually like us for, and I feel I am a balanced and engaging training but I am not sure which direction to go without becoming a negative experience for them. I would any suggests, videos, websites…


Hi Robert. We have a 10 month old German Shepherd who has an issue with submissive urination. Anytime we approach him with a leash, or sometimes just greet him. He ducks his head, ears go back and he pees. Do you have any tips or suggestions to help us work through this?

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