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Hello! I have a dutchie who I don’t let greet anybody when we are out in public because she is inappropriate (bad genetics), and I want to keep her value by my side. The issue is when somebody looks at her or extends a hand without my knowing, she will hard stare and give some warning signs that other people don’t perceive. When she is on a prong I can quickly remedy this, but she is collar wise. What do you think about aversion correcting? Ideally I want her to ignore people who talk to her.


Hi Robert! Can you please do a video on how to get focus and engagement from a distracted dog? My dog has perfect obedience and never pulls, but getting him to offer eye contact and listening to commands changes as soon as he’s outside or in the grass. We want to get to competitive obedience level with him but can’t seem to break his focus on everything else but us when we are outside! Please help, thank you!


Should you hold the button on the remote after giving your dog a command and turn it off when the dog complies, or is it best to hold/tap the button only when the dog doesn’t perform the command (after the “No”) and turn it off once the dog complies?


My dog has a very strong prey drive. She starts biting the leash and sometimes bites you due to her frustration. I have heard about the negative association technique but there are no examples with videos for those scenarios. She is mad about cats and squirrels making our lives quite hard to manage her.


I have a 6 yr. old rescue mal who shows fearful behavior beginning in the early evening. He will seek out a tight space (I.e., bathtub, under a desk) and stay there until bedtime. He is gentle, loves people and craves attention so I don’t believe he was abused. We began agility to help bond and build confidence. He had a slight rough start w/ my female GSD but they now interact well together and she likes being outdoors at this time so I don’t think that’s the issue either. How can we curb this?

Barb P

I have apparently missed trained my pup on his release command. I use yes as the command. He understands that when i say yes he has done the right thing but does not understand that he is free to go about his business. we have tried several things and after the yes is given he is frozen in time. How do i correct this mistake? 

thanks loving the videos.

Robert H

What would be the best width of flat buckle collar for an 8 month old NovaScotia Duck Tolling Retriever? He weighs 46 lbs. At present, my training has primarily been with a 1″ flat collar, but am concerned corrections with this collar could injure his neck. From your videos, it appears you use a wider than typical collar. Or, if corrections are becoming too forceful with the flat collar, should I begin using a prong collar?


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cabral, Hello! If a 1 year old Mal is losing focus during even brief training, what’s the best way to reign her in a bit? With basic tricks, it was easy to keep her focused, but now we are doing basic agility. She gets distracted when running around and looks at bees, etc. to the point that I have to repeat the command 5 -6 times. Should I stop the training when it gets to that point, or keep her on a long leash and gently pull her in when she starts losing focus? Thank u both!

Claude B

Bonjour from Québec , my 18 month gsd is reacting to reflexions of light, how can i counter condition this problem? Thank you.

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